'Android pollution free scooter' And Happy new year in my friends...

We know about Android Mobile Today I share an 'Android' scooter which is gets charged faster than mobile ... but the price will start to surprise you!

I wish you all Happy new year in my friends...,..

New Delhi of India: There is good news for you. Now the Android pollution free scooter is a shocking price here. The best part is that this is a fast charge from the mobile phone.

The electric two-wheeler startup, launched by sustainable energy, is worth 1.24 laces (on the road) of the flagship electric scooter model ather 450. The company has started the Athar 340 for 1.09 laces rupees.

Ather 450 is designed to ride the city and it comes with a high speed of 80 kilometers / hr and 75 km range. It can be 0-40 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds. Fast charging technology allows you to charge up to 80% with a rate of 1 km / minute

The home charging point is equipped with sun protection and authenticated power transfers, so it is safe and works only with your scooter, with auto-cut-off and app integration, charging is a continuous overnight activity.

Its outside your home you will get the charging point every four kilometers away, all points are a fast charger so you can recharge your vehicle as soon as possible. Keep in mind, you'll find one of your favorite hunters, workspaces, or shopping malls.

Another app can help you navigate your vehicle, you can see your ride patterns, tips to improve the performance of the vehicle, using the great help app, you can know the application for vehicle diagnosis of your charge status You can manage them remotely with your Ather App

The price of the model is Rs. 1, 24,750 and the price of Ather 340 is Rs. 1, 09 750 (on the road). This includes Rs 22,000, GST, road tax, smart card fees, registration card and insurance subsidy.

Ather Energy Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Tarun Mehta said, "We are excited to start making four electric power scooters, IIT Madras and we started not only the skyline 340, but our high-performance flagship form, "Statement

He is starting Ather 450 and Ather 340 and running Ather Grid Bangalore and in the coming months the company is trying to expand into Chennai and Pune.

IIT Graduate 2013 - Tarun was established to co-Mehta and Swapnil Jain, Ather Energy to launch hardware in India.

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