Amazon to sell bitcoin? Users are ready to buy BTC and medical marijuana using platform

These surveys were done by a few days ago. This shows that the person does not want to build bitcoin and crypto exchanges. That Amazon will eventually embrace digital currencies in the future. These very percentage of users said that they would also like to buy medical marijuana and drugs by using e-commerce platforms.


About 13% of Amazon users will buy BTC on the platform


This digital asset is increasing in popularity these days; it a recent survey has revealed that 13% of Amazon users will be comfortable buying Bitcoin using e-commerce platform. However, there are some figures in the cryptocurrency space that believe that one of the many options is to make it as a means of payment. And despite the recession market worried about some investors last year, people are interested in virtual currencies.


Statistics after survey

This nowadays searches shows that its 12.7% of Amazon users want to buy BTC using the platform. These people answered the percentage. They will also be convenient in buying drugs and medical marijuana using Amazon. Here is the basic question in the survey, its service offer will you feel comfortable buying under the Amazon brand? Which of the following is the product?


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