A revolutionary scientific experiment to shock the future

Last month, Chinese scientist, Gianu, gave birth to twins by amending genes in mother's womb. World scientists have been upset. The question of the ethics of the child's genes was revised. Scientists condemned Jacqui’s law. Genetic modification, also known as genetic engineering or DNA replacement, was first used in 1970.

This technique is the process of transferring genes of selected genes between other creatures and non-related species. Please tell that the reader is given a GMO is a species of the organism, where the results of the process in the laboratory, and the issue is taken from a gene (genetically modified beans) in the blood of the force put into the plant or animal genes, Is there? This process can be called genetic modification (GM).

Human rights experts believe that if humans were allowed to do this system and if this method was taken by some of the most modern scientists then the meaning could be a catastrophe. This process is natural and can change the whole race of humans. This amendment is a setback for the rights of the child, because the right to change the child's birth imbalance is not their own. Not even parents. If the way to change the genes of children in the next generation, some children will be edited with genes and some of them.

Imagine that the parents who can complete this process will improve their skills according to their wishes. In this way, children with educated genes would be better than normal children who would definitely be dishonest with normal children. Human civilization has not yet emerged from color, religion and caste discrimination that it will start a new story. Children with revised DNA will feel better than themselves in biological features more than others. Therefore, people from different regions of the world have demanded immediate ban on genres.

But it seems that China is also against the editing of jeans, but it seems that the Chinese scientists have approved of jinase or not editing. Let us now look at the other aspect of the process. Through the process of genes editing, many children may be immune to inherited diseases such as HIV, obesity etc.

*All the diseases in the womb will be improved and in the future this modification will act as a vaccine. These hereditary diseases do not touch the new generation. Then sing it according to your needs. Cow guards can order if they have a horn. Those who want the calf will make a calf and those who need a cow's cow will demand a calf.

This controversy has been for many decades that science is a boon for humans or disobedience. Scientific Noble invented nuclear energy; this finding changed our world today. The nature of the modern age of modern energy is not so deep. We got satisfied for the energy and the electricity we got in ration. On the other hand, the same nuclear power has made the world area a nuclear bomb.

In this way, such an innovation can be lost in a moment and can end every life of life from all over the earth. As long as the world came to consciousness and made laws to control nuclear weapons, then the United States and Russia put thousands of bombs in their stores and kept them in their stores. The same thing has been modified by the genes. If it does not happen suddenly, then it is difficult to imagine how the world will be. And if the world has gone to start the race in the country and this is no end if this method is to implement the right control of a variety of uses to increase the further direction now.


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