7 pilgrims die in a stampede during temple festival in Tamil Nadu

It is in Karuppasamy in a village god temple of Muthimpalayam village. This tragedy took place when hundreds of people gathered for padikasu temple coin distribution ceremony. The police said that around 45 km from here, Thuraiyur has ten others injured. During the celebration of a local temple, seven pilgrims died in Tiruchirappalli during the stampede. A rural deity temple of Muthimpalayam is organized in Karuppasamy as part of the annual Chithira Purnima festival.


This tragedy occurs when hundreds of people gather for these Padikasu temple coin distribution function. An official of the temple said on condition of anonymity that no effort was made to control the crowd nor there were enough security personnel to control the situation. While Modi has announced an ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakhs for the families of the victims, and Palaniswami of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu there has expressed grief at the loss of life in the incident.

This stampede occurred when the priest started distributing coins and a section of devotees forwarded him to collect the police. The Palaniswami ordered to give Rs one lakhs to the injured and Rs 50,000 to the injured. The district officials said that this matter is being looked at and action will be taken against those responsible for the accident.

This distribution of coins is the main event of the festival, in which a large number of devotees come from the village and from the surrounding. These devotees believe that keeping the temple coins in their cash box will bring prosperity. He said seven people, including four women, died on the spot, while ten others were seriously injured and admitted to the hospital.



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