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Swiss Alps - Block & Intelligent Mining & Energy Based Company

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy Is the first company in the world to use a revolutiner solution to save electricity costs by up to 50% using mining cubes powered exclusively by renewable energy and recovering ORC from waste heat mining equipment. the cube is positioned higher than the boiling point of water, making energy recovery much more efficient, and this makes mining more profitable and protects Swiss culture to save energy.

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE)

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is a ledger led energy supplier and operator of flexible modular mining infrastructure devoted to long-term stationary use. Thus, Swiss Alps Energy maintains unused buildings in Switzerland and uses them well without any interference with the structure of the building or the environment.

Swiss Alps ICO & SAM TOKEN
Swiss Alps Energy AG will hold an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in June 2018. Funds collected in the ICO will be used to finance the development and expansion of mining facilities and to acquire ownership of hydroelectric power.

Tok Tok (Sam) is a token based on ERC20. This token can be used as a means of payment in SAE mining and will be tradable outside the SAM platform in all relevant exchanges.

Token sales
Swiss Alps Energy will fund the further development of its business operations and marketing activities to promote the platform by holding sales of Sam token.

Sam will be sold for in the method of payment of bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and fiat currency during personal sales.


A total of 311,011,901 token Sam (100%) will be issued on blockchain Ethereum using smart contract. Sam will comply with the ERC20 standard and will be freely transferable on the Ethereum platform.

14,583,333 Sam (6.0844%) will be sold in pre-sale of the token to come. SAE aims to raise $ 50 million in the first round. Further token sales will be made at significantly higher prices.
65,178,571 Sam (68.9156%) will be made available for sale of main tokens and for future sale and token activity.
23,968,250 Sam (10%) will be made available to the founding team and partners.
19,174,600 Sam (8%) will be reserved for token and advisor owner.
4,793,650 Sam (2%) will be provided for the bounty campaign.
11,984,125 Sam (5%) will be reserved for future contributors.

Swiss Alps Team

Gian-Carlo Collenberg (Founder and CEO)

Ramon Simon (Founder and CFO)
Michael Rava (Founder and CMO)
Rajasekaran Yogarajah (Founder and CTO)
Gnanasekaran Yogarajah (Founder and CDO)
Christian Giger (Head of construction mining cubes)
Zekeriya Ak (Head of electronics)
Andreas Willhelm (Construction draftsman)
Pascale Uccella (Head of human resources)

After the initial development of SAE infrastructure and business activities in Switzerland, expansion into foreign countries, especially in the field of renewable energy, can be imagined and desired. The ability to pay by using crypto currency and the settlement process through smart contracts is another novelty that can help SAE to become an industry leader in the field of blockchain-based business models.

Hopefully Swiss Alps Energy can be a successful hydroelectric power plant and can lead the world's first blockchain-based hydroelectric power industry that can compete in the world.

For more information please visit our LINK below:

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