NUCLEUS.VISION - Founded at Harvard University, Nucleus is an IoT based contactless identification system, empowering retailers to identify and better serve their customers


  Introducing Nucleus

Founded at Harvard University, Nucleus is an IoT based contactless identification system,
empowering retailers to identify and better serve their customers    

 Connect the Unconnected

Individual Identity  +  Engagement Data    =  Nucleus.Vision     

 How does Nucleus work?

 In-store Nucleus experience

Discover Nucleus

ION, Nucleus’s proprietary IoT sensor

  • Instantly identifies customer within a 200 meter radius
  • Senses temperature, pressure, motion, acceleration, and sound
  • Captures invisible dark data
  • Telco grade data security & privacy
  • Identifies 32 unique IDs per 612 microseconds

 ORBIT, Blockchain information exchange

  • Blockchain-based information exchange, storage & authorization
  • Enables transactions among Nucleus’s partners & customers
  • Connects Nucleus with global crypto-economy
  • Unbreachable data protection

 NEURON, Deep Learning Campaign platform

  • State-of-the-art, deep learning campaign platform
  • Gleans data from ION & ORBIT
  • Creates real-time customer personas
  • Generates recommendations
  • Single click campaign creation
  • Instant visibility of campaign ROI
  • Real-time business snapshots

 nCash, Utility Token

  • Cryptocurrency-based loyalty & redemption programs
  • Interchangeable loyalty rewards across global partners
  • Loyalty reward conversion in traditional currencies


 Brand Integration Layer

This layer works as plug-and-play module for retailers to integrate with the Nucleus ION network and Neuron Platform.                            

Application Reward Layer

Retailers use this layer to activate the Universal Utility Program and transfer tokens to customers via the nCash wallet.                                

Software Development Kit Layer

This layer empowers retailers to connect with the data  exchange enabled by Nucleus.                              

Intelligence Neural Layer

This layer is the brain  of Nucleus, which develops data models based on deep learning principles  and continuously evolves with every interaction.                                     

Crypto Network Layer

This layer enables  network participants to come together for information exchange and nCash  transfer between network participants and customers.                               

SIM Data Infra Layer

This layer integrates  with the retailer’s sales, inventory and CRM systems to create a unified  view of every individual customer.                                    

Telecom Consent Layer

This layer connects  customer authentication with telecom systems and establishes full  transparency for the customer data exchange between the two.                                

Telecom Integration Layer

This layer enables ION to transmit on licensed frequencies, which are allocated by the telecom partners.                                    

Sensor Application Layer

The sensor application  layer is a fully customized wrap around on top of the communication  protocol packages provided by Industry giants Intel and Radisys.                              

Sensor Communication Protocol Layer

The functionality of  this layer is split in two modules; one is focused on the access side  sensor and user equipment communication and the other is focused on  sensor and backend connectivity.                                     

Sensor Custom Board Support Package Layer

ION Sensor is a  customized hardware based on the generic board support package coming  from Intel. This is highly flexible and can be readily integrated with  any network type; 2G, 3G, 4G.                                

Sensor/Chip Firmware Layer

This layer is the interface between the sensor hardware and the sensor software application.   


Nucleus's scalable technology has a 12 layer stack, with multiple patents-pending on its technology   

 Online-to-Offline Attribution

Mapping of customer’s online and offline journey

  Dynamic in-store Pricing

Dynamic Pricing for each Customer Personalized in-store pricing via real-time inventory & customer data   

 ION IoT Sensor

Sensor that detects Id, temperature, pressure, motion & sound within vicinity      

 Single Sign-on

Sign-on by authenticating unique combination of mobile number & mobile Id through telecom    


A  total of 1% nCash Tokens from the Total Supply of nCash Tokens are  reserved for the Bounty Campaigns. If the hard cap is reached, that  amounts to 100M nCash Tokens (approx $1M at a price of 400$/ETH).

Total Bounty Pool will be divided As Follows:

20%: Reddit Campaign
10%: Twitter Campaign
5%: Telegram Campaign
5%: Facebook Campaign
15%: Creative Campaign (Artwork and Videos)
10%: Bug Hunt and Creative Development
20%: Articles, Reviews, Publications
10%: Translation Campaign
5%: Signature Campaign


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