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 The digital health market is exploding both in number of new companies  and with the expected market size of $233.3 billion by 2020. Much of  growth is predicted to come from the mobile health (mHealth) market. In  2016 alone, the estimated total number of mHealth apps increased 57%2.  In that same year, the number mHealth app store downloads totalled 3.2  billion, with 52% of smartphone users gathering health-related  information on their phone3. Most newer phones have inbuilt  health-related data gathering capacities predicating this number to soar  in the upcoming years.*imSB7C2jfNzve6KJeT53Ww.jpeg

 What is Lympo

The  Lympo app is a digital health and wellness wallet that tracks workout  data via smartphones and wearables, rewarding users with Lympo tokens  when they hit their fitness and mindfulness targets by utilizing  blockchain technology. 

Tokens awarded can be used to purchase health  products and services.Watch Lympo Introduction VideoThe  Lympo tokens earned for being healthy can be sold, transferred or used  to buy more goods and services within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.Lympo users will be able to share and monetise their fitness and wellness data which we all track on our phones and wearables 

 Fitness  is a broad term that means something different to each person, but it  refers to your own optimal health and overall well-being. Being fit not  only means physical health, but emotional and mental health, too. It  defines every aspect of your health. Smart eating and active living are  fundamental to fitness.

Fitness  as a term is contextual. I would describe it as “being fit for taking  on challenges set in front of you.” One should always be mentally fit  and physically fit. 

 Being  mentally fit is important for critical thinking in daily operations.  Being physically fit is important so you are able to handle the physical  challenges life puts in front of you, including but not limited too:

  • Walking up stairs
  • Moving house-hold items around
  • Playing with your children
  • Competing in sports
  • Being able to do anything in life that brings you pleasure
  • Watching your weight by eating healthy
  • Gym and many more

 Often times our doctors, employers, insurance firm will recommend  fitness plan to keep us health or we might choose to do it as our daily  routine been what we will love to do and track our progress and share it  with friends. But How about getting paid sharing our fitness data?  That’s what Lympo is out to achieve. Let’s take a look at Lympo. 

 The planned  Lympo ecosystem is for the use of health fitness trainers, sports  coaches, health and fitness app developers, health insurers, sports and  wellness businesses, gyms, health and fitness startups, and investors.  The ecosystem would allow one to harness, control, and sell personal  health data in a P2P fashion, eliminating third-party control of  personal health data and lack of compensation for the re-sale of such  data.

Currently Lympo has no working product Although there is a claim that a MVP has been produced

Lympo have scheduled their ICO for the LYM token you can participate and join in the upcoming ICO*GqpoGT_oC407Hv9B.png

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