Fluz Fluz Network Premier Seat Public Token Sale 18th of Jan 2018

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In  case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple weeks, I’m  sure you have noticed that everyone and their mother is launching an ICO  (Initial Coin Offering) crowd-sale and raising millions of dollars  worth of tokens sometimes in a very short amount of time.Although  most of these ICOs are legit, there is usually A LOT OF HYPE before and  during their ICO campaigns... Everyone is like '’buy buy hodl hodl,  this is the next BTC or ETH’, sell your husband and buy this token’’.With that said, there are some ICOs that have delivered huge ROI to their early investors in a very short amount of time. 

FLUZ coins accumulation and redemption for gift card purchases – Future Together  with  the  launch  into  the  US   consumer   market,   Fluz   Fluz   will   look    to  transition  its  current  Fluz  points  to   FLUZ   public      exchange   ERC20   based    Fluz   coins   enabling   accumulation   of    cash-back rewards in FLUZ coins as well  as  redemption  of  FLUZ  coins  for  new   gift  card  purchases.  Using  an  ERC  20   compatible FLUZ coin as a cash-back unit  would allow Fluz Fluz to offer its users to  freely  trade  their  cash  back  rewards  on   public   exchanges   thereby   offering   an    enhanced value proposition over limited  loyalty programs from the old economy.



    For each purchase of a digital retail card Fluz  coins are accumulated. Fluz crypto coins can then be used to buy new  gift cards or be redeemed into other cryptocurrencies. Future Fluz  reward coins are not to be confused with FLUZ tokens.                  
    ERC20 FLUZ tokens can be used to purchase premier  seat memberships and to grant cash-back superpowers to a Fluz account.  New owners can access the seat through the Fluz Fluz app. Then they  receive cash-backs from the seat’s premier membership in the network.                  

FLUZ Token sale and premier network seats membership 

Fluz  Fluz  intends  to  quickly  deploy  the   consumer  network  model  in  the  United   States  and  develop  a  token  based  gift   and    rewards    network    that    connects     merchants with customers.

 FLUZ Token

We will be issuing tokens to buy premier seats in the Fluz Fluz global consumer  network.
Qualifying Token holders will be able to activate premier network seats before the general  public may do so.                 

  • Token Generation Event  (TGE):JAN 18, 2018
  • Total Tokens Available Now:204,780,000 
  • Premier Seat Membership Price:                              
  •  Tier 1 Premier Seat Membership: 20.000 FLUZ Tokens
  •  Tier 2 Premier Seat Membership: 10.000 FLUZ tokens  
  • Accepted Currencies:ETH, BTC, FIAT

 Use of Token Sale Funds

Our business model requires capital to start operating in the US consumer market. Core  goals are to replicate the team structure operating in Colombia and invest heavily in marketing to remain  front of mind with the user base. The use of the proceeds from the Tokensale are projected as follows:       

 Key Factors   

 1 Already working product, active community and  proven cash-back payouts!                  
2 More than 200 cash-back partners including global top brands.
3  Tradability of premier seat itself and FLUZ token to acquire premier seats. Receive cash-back    benefits or sell your seat! 

Benefits for Market 

Participants Consumers,    our    so-called    “Fluzzers”,     can   earn   thousands   of   dollars   every    month   from   their   network’s   combined    purchases.  Moreover  they  can  transfer   Fluz  (cash  back  rewards  or  points)  to   anyone  in  their  network  in  an  easy-to- use   mobile   environment.   Fluzzers   can    instantly   begin   earning   cash   without    changing  their  shopping  or  work  habits   by  digitally  purchasing  and  redeeming   Fluz   Fluz   gift   cards   from   a   variety   of    everyday     retailers.     Large     merchants      benefit  through  Fluz  Fluz  by  bundling   consumer       demand       and       receiving        consumer    insight.    Smaller    merchants     benefit by acquiring new customers who  are part of the Fluz Fluz network.

 Fluz Fluz Official Website
Download The Whitepaper
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