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   Ann Thread | Website | Whitepaper  | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram   https://steemitimages.com/DQmZHtRcREJNz6pPvEqfTrqySwPQDUMpKrcC9qZrdgcjVDr/Screenshot-2017-12-12%20eBit%20Payment%20-%20ICO.png Technological development in the field of finance is  currently one of the most important topics. No wonder it finally  creates virtually unlimited possibilities. Imagine that from now on you  can be part of it along with us.  Our goal? Innovative payment solutions that guarantee  you comfort and convenience. eBit will open for you a world of  competitive foreign currencies, fast and cost-effective international  bank transfers and payment cards with limit linked to the rest of your  accounts. This is the scale of services that traditional banking ha guaranteed so far. Today, thanks to the ICO capital, these opportunities  will also be available to you.Blockchain technology has transformed our money into  cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Although the beginnings were modest,  today the cryptocurrencies market is worth more than $ 220 billion - of  which Bitcoin represents nearly half. Many companies use this fact only  on a limited basis, focusing only on money transfers or loans. eBit  takes it a step further. Our proposal is competitive for banks and other  operators a comprehensive set of financial services, whose purpose is  only one - your convenience.Standard bank products are the only thing  that we can offer. eBit will also provide comprehensive solutions for  customers and businesses, such as:  

  • payments for Cryptocurrencies market,
  • payments for mine,
  • application, which allows convenient management of funds - private and corporate,
  • coworking space,
  • the ability to rent cars for members of the community,
  • payment terminals, allowing us to withdraw the FIAT currency at each point of our balance in our cryptocurrencies,
  • credit cards with Insurance in cryptocurrencies,
  • transparent debit cards guaranteeing cash withdrawals at ATMs.

 First wallet in history which exchanges the best FIAT currencies into most popular cryptocurrencies.   What is eBit Payment?Especially for You, we want to reduce the cost of banking. It was  for this purpose that we established eBit - The system for processing  payments, built in the blockchain era, which limits the number of  middlemen. How does this change benefit You? So far, the financial services sector has been dominated by  companies based on a large number of intermediaries. eBit Payments  reduces this number to the necessary minimum, which translates into  significant cost reductions.   

would like to introduce the eBit Payment App to you, which is now in closed alpha tester phase. It will be available to the public on the first quarter of 2018 and available both iOS and Android. 

Utilization of funds

30% DevelopmentExpansion of an existing platform involves costs such as hardware,  employee salaries (including bonuses, incentive packages of tokens),  employment of external assistance such as pentester, and office space.10% Additional workforceeBit Payment intends to grow at a rapid pace, so we need to hire  new employees in the following areas: Marketing, Finance and Legal  Finance, HR, Administration and Customer Service.   


For a platform to work well and be recognized by a wider audience,  it must be available to users, so we are willing to spend 10% on the  costs associated with broad marketing. With more users comes more  feedback and our ability to adapt and solve problems faster for our  users. It is imperative that we create a large society using our  platform.     

35%Market and network fluency

Financial market is not the simplest sector to work within. We  will need funds to initiate collaboration with other companies in the  industry to make transactions as fast as possible. In addition, this  will open up new opportunities for even easier financial interactions  within the platform.   

15%Licensing, integration, and partnership

As eBit Payment LLC, we need to invest in software licenses, bear  the additional costs associated with issuing cards and also costs of  "patching" the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies.   

Payments for cryptocurrency mines

It is important to pay for investment in cryptocurrencies in a way  most convenient for the client. Traditional banks, however, are  reluctant to support transfers involving cryptocurrencies or  cryptocurrency mines, which in turn restrict their development. In eBit  your comfort and convenience are always in the first place. We will be  accepting payment for cryptocurrencies, so that customers and investors  will be able to pay their FIAT currencies in any way - from the  traditional transfer, through credit card to instant internet payment.    

Mobile application

Shared management of private and corporate funds is a solution  that significantly facilitates daily payments. At eBit we offer you a  comprehensive application enabling you to:  

  • immediate choice of the cryptocurrency you currently want to use,
  • delegating employees to pay,
  • supervising the costs incurred,
  • The release of additional funds for unforeseen expenses,
  • And all this with a single click!

 Services offered by eBit Payment

Coworking space

Fast and efficient operation depends on many factors, including  the right place to work. At eBit Payment we are totally aware of that.  That is why we will be the first in the world to create a special  coworking network for you, which will provide the necessary office  facilities.   

Possibility to rent cars for community members

Collaboration on many levels is the foundation of every success.  At eBit Payment we will allow you to rent a car on very favorable terms  directly from members of our community who would in return receive extra  income in the cryptocurrencies. This means profit for every party!   

Payment terminals

Cryptocurrencies without using them in everyday life? Not with  eBit Payment. Imagine that with our card and application, you will be  able to exchange cryptocurrencies to the FIAT currency you currently  need in every store that has an eBit terminal.   

Credit card secured in cryptocurrencies

Being an eBit Payment user is a great benefit to many different  levels. Apply for a FIAT credit card at any time, and we will reflect it  and secure it in the cryptocurrencies.   

Transparent debit card

Transparency of services is essential. At eBit, we will offer you a  debit card from which you will be able to pay out the FIAT currencies  at any ATM in the world - and that is calculated from any cryptocurrency  you choose in our application. QR code located on your card will guide  you to Your money. 

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