WINiota is the first decentralized third generation blockchain sports betting and casino platform. It makes use of the iota Tangle technology, actually being one step ahead of other blockchain casinos.

This is because it has come up with the first playable application using iota flash channels. Now consider the principle of the project.

What it is

WINiota is developing a community based on On-Tangle Provably Fair Casino & Artificial Intelligence, an improved sports betting platform. WINiota strive to be a world leader in the innovation of a decentralized industry of games and bets, paying particular attention to fair and transparent technologies. The platform is based on transparent, almost instantaneous, peer – to-peer Open Blockchain technology-Iota channels and Iota channel.

WINiota want everyone to join a community of players WINiota. That’s why they offer flexible micro transactions. WINiota team consists of experts in online gambling with a traceable work records in the top 5 online playing gambling companies; it Professionals and the blockchain involved in projects Iota; and experienced entrepreneurs, focused on marketing, Finance and legal issues. To comply with the rules and regulations, WINiota will be licensed by Gibraltar Gambling.

Detail ICO

Token: WIT.

Platform: Ethereum.

Standard: ERC20.

Number of tokens: 1,000,000,000 WIT.

Price: 1 ETH = 22,000 WIT.

Soft cap: 2,400 ETH.

Hard cap: 24,000 ETH.

WIT Token

The power behind WINiota is the decentralized Tangle as well as the WINiota Token (WIT). The latter will be used for several utility privileges within the WINiota ecosystem. In the first stage, WIT will be released based on the ERC-20 token standard. In the second stage, (Q3 2018), WINiota will initiate a 1:1 ration token swap in order to base all WIT tokens on-tangle with utility functions.

WINiota has also set a hardcap of raising 24,000 ETH for its ICO, with the number looking very realistic and obtainable. In many ways, setting a low cap guarantees better returns on contribution, thus making WINiota an interesting startup to take part in.

Team Winiota

  1. Shane ONeil. Co-Founder, CEO Senior bookmaker with extensive knowledge in all sports as well as in the casino. 10 years of experience in leading gaming companies in Gibraltar. Controls several mergers in the industry.
  2. Friedrich Endlicher. Co-founder, CTO Core developer, game programming, Full Stack programmer with 8 years of experience in leading teams to develop web sites and mobile devices. Developer purse UCL Trinity
  3. Bastian Fritsche. Co-founder, CFO CRM Manager at bwin. Audit officer and the Director of the hotel, including Alltours / Thomas Cook for over 10 years.
  4. Pontus Persson. Lead User Experience Lead UX designer with over 10 years’ experience creating digital products for leading brands of the industry. Worked on HUGE, possible, lead UX designer on the multi-awarded (Cannes, Clios, Campaign, etc.) the App Adidas Glitch.
  5. Karen Mareš. Director of game design for the leading gaming and television companies operating both online and print media for companies like NetEnt, from odobo, Playtech and Ladbrokes, Coral, as well as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC and Sky.
  6. Anton Natarov. Full stack Game programming developer, robotics software engineer with over 10 years’ experience. Co-founder mmm.
  7. Scott Malsbury. Head of communications Senior Quality and business management, previous experience with multi-billion dollar projects around the world. Head of communications at Etland.
  8. Shalini Wood. Leader in PR and public administration with over 10 years of experience. Worked at the markets forecasting Delphy, Honeywell, Sheraton Hotels, Grand Hyatt Hotels.
  9. Ulf Karlsson. Head of Affiliate Marketing Specializes in content marketing, SEO, social networks. More than 10 years of experience in the games. Worked for GTech, a Workation.
  10. Patrick Soh. Investor relations and community Manager extensive experience in community management and policies of the ICO. Previously worked for EverMarkets, VeriME and IATokens.
  11. Shabir Yunos. Investor relations and community Manager Previously worked at Delta Airlines and Yamaha. Experienced analyst and community Manager. Previous experience includes the following Exchange, VeriME and EverMarkets.
  12. Mandy Picolin. Project Manager Games has 8 years of experience in multiple roles in the gaming sector. Worked for bwin, poker Strategy, Asian logic.
  13. Jessica Lee Green. Head of operations at the casino More than 10 years of experience in several management roles in the gaming sector. Worked on Bet365, Ladbrokes, Coral Group.

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