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Elepig fills this gap by providing a Trusted and Simple means to benefit from the opportunities that altcoins can deliver, making the purchase of altcoins as easy and secure as the best online banking platforms. We aspire to make Elepig everyone’s cryptocurrency exchange of choice.

The Elepig Token facilitates transactions on our exchange. It gives users a discount on the transaction fees between the cryptocurrencies on the Elepig exchange. The Elepig token can be bought and sold exclusively on the Elepig Exchange.

Elepig will address the accompanying areas:

  1. Security
  2. Client Experience
  3. Client Support
  4. Spread of Coins
  5. Exchange charges

Platform details

Elepig fills this gap by providing a reliable and easy means to take advantage of features that can provide two coins, making buying simple coins as easy and secure as your online banking. Elepig will be the universal cryptocurrency exchange of choice.

This will be followed by four quick sprints to include iterative improvements, with a richer beta in October 2018. The beta will be tested by our community, and any feedback will be ready for release in December 2018. in the meantime, we are developing a user-friendly prototype interface for Pre-ICO; this will be an interface only and will be designed to demonstrate the interface design and user workflows in an interactive way. 

Features of Elepig Exchange

  • Security – secure from attack

    The Elepig Exchange enforces two- factor authentication and the withdrawal of crypto assets requires email confirmation. We partner with industry leading security technology providers to ensure the safety of assets and data.
  • Customer Support

    We realise this is where a large number of the existing exchanges are failing and we will build this into our design from day one by implementing slick processes and cutting-edge technology.
  • Architecture

    We will build a robust, scalable exchange that easily grows with rising demand. We fundamentally adhere to the philosophy of Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS / XaaS).
  • User Experience

    Our system is simple, easy to use and always available.
  • Marketing

    Through our website, social media and traditional networking and marketing. We acknowledge the value our loyal community will bring us in this area.
  • Multilingual Support

    We recognise that Elepig has to be multilingual to be accessible to our diverse community.

How it works?

We will build a community by reaching out to them on platforms using a mix of traditional and advanced marketing techniques. Building a community for sharing begins now, through ICO and beyond, and will remain one of the areas of investment from us in terms of time, resources and cost. The EPG token will only be sold on the Elepig exchange, so that all community members who receive EPG tokens issued through aerial footage, generous and other affiliate programs will shape our future community. 

 A large part of the exchanges and the ICO is unable to build and interact with their community through social networks, networking events and customer services. We will participate and be transparent in everything we do. We will answer customer questions and questions in a timely and consistent manner. Every person in the team from co-founders down will work customer support and social media channels to fully understand customer needs. 

ICO Sale

Round 1

Bonus : 30%.

Token Hard Cap : 37.5 Million.

Start Date : 9 July 2018.

End Date : 29 July 2018.

Round 2

Bonus : 20%.

Token Hard Cap : 37.5 Million.

Start Date : 30 July 2018.

End Date : 19 August 2018.

Round 3

Bonus : 10%.

Token Hard Cap : 30 Million.

Start Date : 20 August 2018.

End Date : 9 September 2018.

Round 4

Bonus : 5%.

Token Hard Cap : 15 Million.

Start Date : 10 September 2018.

End Date : 30 September 2018.


The team consists of it professionals: business owners, Directors, entrepreneurs, analysts, project managers, marketing and social network managers, developers on the front and back blocks, as well as solid contract engineers. 

 The team members have years of experience in technology for investment banks, hedge funds, liquidity and Treasury providers, leading defense companies, air traffic management, engineering companies and retailers on the high streets. As you can see, the Elipig project can really be considered promising. On its development work only experienced professionals who have been tested by time.

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