Nebula Exchange ICO Review

Nebula Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore that will be offering leveraged trading on cryptocurrency pairs. For now, however, it is still in beta and is not operational.

However, it seems to have big plans and makes some impressive promises. One of the main distinctions would be that Nebula Exchange will offer the smaller altcoins that cannot afford to appear on the major exchanges, the opportunity to get listed on its platform, for a small fe.

Project feature

According to the Nebula development team, the exchange was built specifically to support orphaned projects that could not find affordable listing. It will be able to support cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects left out by major cryptocurrency trading platforms. Some exchanges impose a listing fee in the range of $50,000 to over $500,000, which is realistically not possible for small cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects to afford.

With a 0.1 percent fee and small taker fees with lower listing fees, Nebula is eyeing to take over the niche market of orphaned projects and small cryptocurrencies, which most exchanges have overlooked in the past two years.

Projects with high ratings will be rewarded by being advertised on the front page of the exchange, giving more exposure to traders and investors on the trading platform. A large interactive nebula cloud with 20 distinct stars will have the logos of the top 20 volume cryptocurrencies.


Token Type: ERC20.

Token Name: Nebula Exchange Star Credits.

Token Ticker: NESC.

Token Price: 0.40 USD.

Nebula Exchange disadvantages

  1. As we already said Nebula Exchange is still in beta mode and cannot be used for now. It allows sign-up, but it only adds you to a waiting list for a private beta that is yet to be launched.
  2. There is no definitive timeline about when Nebula Exchange is planning to launch its full operations, except some vague promises to do so in April 2018, made on its Facebook page. According to previous reports in NewsBTC, the exchange was going to launch in March, but obviously it has been postponed.

Functions of platforms

  • Safety Features (platform deploy industry leading safety measures to keep funds safe);
  • Security Tokens (one of the first exchanges which allows the trading of security tokens);
  • Be Heard (Voice your opinions on various tokens using Nebula 5-star review system);
  • Reputation System (Earning Reputation Points (RP) and getting rewards for referring friends, writing reviews and helping the community).


In the report, you can locate a short yet instructive guide. The undertaking was formally presented in the final quarter of a year ago. As of now in the first quarter the new site of the task was exhibited, the group reported the finishing of the stage improvement — the beta variant was authoritatively propelled. In the second quarter, the group was effectively occupied with the ICO. The NESC token rundown is planned for the third quarter of the year.

The venture tuned the collaboration with the air in the second quarter, and the trade with bitcoin will be accessible just in the third. Additionally in the second from last quarter, mystery tokens will be recorded. Toward the finish of the year, it is intended to introduce the application for Android.


Nebula is not only a project with a good idea and thoughtful implementation, but also an experienced team that possesses all the necessary skills in this segment of the market. You can get acquainted with the main participants of this platform on the following photo.

In spite of the little promoting inadequacies of the undertaking, the site and documentation look average and have a decent potential for a fruitful section into the world market. Above all — the group as of now has an extremely working venture, there is something that they can truly indicate financial specialists. Enthusiasm for the task is quickly picking up force, and fuel its expanded level of security, guaranteed by the group of its makers.

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