FAXPORT – sports business service and funding platform

  Decentralized platforms are developing at such a rapid rate and covering all possible industries in order to sort out the problems or shortcomings they face in their current way of functioning so how could it be possible that sports industry went unnoticed by the blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Through the adoption of positive encouragement and dispute resolution mechanisms, it aims at raising its user retention on the platform. Faxport seeks to establish a commercial ecosystem in sports that is innovative, founded on trust, security and encouragement, is convenient and commission-free as well. Now it’s time to get acquainted with the Faxport project in more detail.

In the future, the platform will use blockchain systems that will provide:

  1. Securely encrypt all data.
  2. Ensure that the data cannot be modified.
  3. Will make the sports platform fully decentralized.

The developers plan to create a completely new ecosystem in the field of physical culture. In the future, it will be based on transparent interaction and attractive bonuses.

Peculiarity Faxport

The development of this platform was launched in 2016. In two years, the specialists managed to achieve significant results. Already in early 2018, the company Faxport Holdings Limited was registered in Seychelles. Members of the system who will use the platform get rid of fees. To ensure data encryption and full decentralization, the platform was developed using blockchain technology.

The main goal of the developers is now the creation of a popular platform that can attract the attention of many people. During the activity of the company each participant will be able to receive FAS tokens. The funds received can be used for various purposes in the future. For example, the cryptocurrency can be used to pay for or conduct various transactions.

Reference database FAXPORT

If there is a need then the reference base will be able to provide the necessary information on request. Thanks to a convenient search system, everyone will now be able to find out the authorized capital of the company and information about its employees. Especially useful database is for those people who are actively working in the field of sports industry.

To date, data collection has been carried out in the following ways:

  • Users add information themselves.
  • Data collection is carried out using a unique system of algorithms.
  • Members can independently collect verified information and add it to the platform.
  • Provision of various information is carried out by a team of specialists who work in a subsidiary company Faxport.
FAS tokens that are used as rewards will be present on the platform. If the participant needs to obtain a larger amount of information, then additional tokens may need to be downloaded. The service will charge an additional fee for servicing the participants.

Distribution of tokens

  • 40 million tokens-pre-sale stage (20%);
  • 50 million tokens are the stage of official sale (25%);
  • 44 million token training ecosystem Faxport (22%);
  • 30 million tokens – distribution between the team (15%);
  • 30 million tokens – distribution to shareholders and advisors (15%);
  • 6 million tokens-budget for marketing activities (3%).

Project team

The team has incredible experience. Below you can see each specialist in more detail:

  1. Li Xiaocheng – Co-founder.
  2. Huang Zhijin – Co-Founder.
  3. Haibing Gong – Tech Partner.
  4. Tom Tong – Marketing Director.
  5. MeiKei Cheung – Business Manager.
  6. Leung Wai – Senior Business Manager.
  7. Meider Shaw – Social Media Manager.
  8. Jiang Hao – Business Manager.
  9. Zhiwei Ho – Customer Support Specialist.

Sports and its commerce will be taken to a new level with Faxport. Please participate in its ICO event and share in its success and benefits. For more information regarding this project and to connect with other participants across the globe.

Contact information:

Website – https://faxport.io/.

Whitepaper – https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/cdn.faxport.io/static/b7969d4d/other/Faxport%20Whitepaper%20en.pdf.

ANN – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3216347.

Telegram – https://t.me/Faxportglobal.

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