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FilesFM Library - P2P file catalog and marketplace with intelligent search engine and blockchain payments. Library will combine the existing digital library creation principles with new hybrid semi-decentralized technology, using P2P fog network of web browsers in order to reduce the costs and limitations of centralized digital libraries. The Library will focus heavily on creating and maintaining a community of volunteers, who would upload, tag and oversee useful files and who in return would be rewarded with FFM tokens.

No legal file library with specialized file search that offers both paid and free content
No unified platform for content creators or aggregators to create personal public file catalogs
No single file marketplace with effective payments, ensuring transparent remuneration system for authors and correct metadata
As a result...
there is no universal, large and free storage platform
to organize, store, and preserve useful data with specialized file search and viable monetization options

Solution Library unites technology and people to form a semi decentralized data platform on an open and equal basis.

  1. The platform is built on two decentralized bases:
    • P2P file sharing network in a browser
    • P2P payments system on blockchain
  2. It provides useful content gathered by community
  3. Clear and convenient legal control of content Advantages
10 years experience in cloud file storage and backup solutions for SME and private users. 1M monthly web users and:
cloud storage platform
web and desktop apps
knowledge of large scale storage systems
current user base
working decentralized alpha version

Token economics
User participation in maintaining the library will be rewarded with FFM utility tokens that can later be exchanged for additional benefits.
Tokens will be listed on a crypto exchanges!
This allows independent trades with them

The Library Token
Total Token Supply 10 000 000 000
Limited Supply Yes
Price per Token $ 0.01
Symbol FFM
Type ERC20
First Year Crowdsale:
Private sale $ 1 000 000
Presale $ 1 000 000
Public sale $ 10 000 000


•2008–2011: Development started, launch offree file sharing service, storage and embedding features
•2013: Introduced Bit Torrent support and P2P file download
•2014:Implementation ofpaid Pro and Business accounts
•2015: Increased share capital to $1.2M, pivoting several use cases
•2016: Launched digital file selling functionality and private encrypted backups
•2017:Introduced P2P file download in Web Torrent implementation. Server infrastructure update.
•2018:Work on the Library project, tokens and ICO crowdsale funding campaign
•2018.Q4: pushing a new version of web design
•2018.Q4: Crowdsale ERC20 token deployment, Public sale
•2018.Q4: private storage usage with tokens
Storage consumption model(versus fiat subscription model)
Library prototype development
Content gathering
Closed beta access version to token owners
web P2P functionality stabilization
Closed Alfa release-MVP of the Library
Private blockchain
Listing token on the crypto exchanges
Desktop nodes
•2020 –2023
Reward mechanism advancements based on empirical results
Feature support and bug fixes
advanced functionality -machine learning, content recognition, monitoring
search engine R&D
blockchain advancements
Community support

Bounty program

→ Campaign 1: Signature – 25%
→ Campaign 2: Twitter – 12%
→ Campaign 3: Facebook – 12%
→ Campaign 4: Content creation - 30%
→ Campaign 5: Telegram – 6%
→ Campaign 6: Translation, Moderation - 5%
→ Campaign 7: Reddit – 5%
→ Campaign 8: Linkedin – 5%


25% of the bounty pool
Limited to 300 Participants only

Jr. Member: 1 stake/week
Member: 2 stakes/week
Full Member: 3 stakes/week
Sr. Member: 5 stakes/week
Hero/Legendary: 7 stakes/week
Wearing our avatar gives you +1 stake per week


12% of the bounty pool

250-999 followers: 1 stake per week
1000-1999 followers: 2 stakes per week
2000-4999 followers: 4 stakes per week
5000-9999 followers: 6 stakes per week
10000+ followers: 8 stakes per week


12% of the bounty pool

150-500 Followers/Friends = 1 stake per week.
500-1500 Followers/Friends = 2 stakes per week.
1500-3000 Followers/Friends = 4 stakes per week.
3000 Plus Followers/Friends = 6 stakes per week.

Translation and moderation

5% of the bounty pool

Creation of local Telegram group and translation of pinned message from main group: 10 stakes + 2 stakes/member at end of campaign
ANN+bounty threads: 50 stakes + 5 stakes per valid post
Whitepaper translation: 300 stakes
Website translation: 50 stakes
Fill out the form to join the list of translation candidates. The bounty manager will contact you once you're approved. Do not start working on the translation without receiving approval first.
After being approved and completing the translation, post in this thread with a link to the translated content

Content creation

30% of the bounty pool

Rejected: 0 stakes
Normal: 1 stake
Great: 2 stakes
Excellent: 4 stakes
(per post/video)

We will give additional stakes for those who can submit their articles to the following media outlets:
Leading digital media publications = Additional 5 stakes
Forbes | CNBC | Huffington Post | The Verge | Yahoo Finance | Inc. | New York Times | Entrepreneur | Tech Crunch | Reuters | The Guardian | The Street
Crypto-related news websites = Additional 5 stakes
CoinDesk | CoinTelegraph | Bitcoinist | The Merkle | Cryptocoins News | Coin Idol | Bitcoin Magazine | NewsBTC | Coinist | BTCManager | CryptoNinjas | Brave New Coin (BNC)
Other media outlets must first be approved by manager.


6% of the bounty pool

Make at least five comments a week. Ask a question about the Library, comment on some aspects of the project or talk about other relevant things. - 10 Stakes/week

Join the Telegram group – 1 stake/week
Wear our Avatar - 5 stakes/week
Add “| library” to your telegram name - 5 stakes/week
Promote the project in other Telegram groups – 5-10 stakes, depending on the quality

Posting messages about in other Telegram groups (minimum 1,000 members): 5 stake/post
Posting messages about in your Telegram group (minimum 1,000 members): 5 stake/post


5% of the bounty pool
-Write 5 POSITIVE reddit post including
-Write 5 POSITIVE reddit comment including

20-50 Karma - 1 stakes per post/week
51-100 Karma - 5 stakes per post/week
101-500 Karma - 10 stakes per post/week
501-1000 Karma - 15 stakes per post/week
More than 1000 Karma - 20 stakes per post/week

+0.5 Stakes per Upvotes, Maximum 20 Stakes


5% of the bounty pool

Linkedin payment structure:
250-999 followers: 1 stake per week
1000-1999 followers: 2 stakes per week
2000-4999 followers: 4 stakes per week
5000-9999 followers: 6 stakes per week
10000+ followers: 8 stakes per week
Get extra 1 stake per comment, maximum 3 comments per week!

ETH WALLET: 0x941E920177FF53B3AAF805fA424d4E6469Fe38d8

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