Thrive is a premium decentralized advertising marketplace based on block chain and smart contracts. The block chain will ensure full transparency, 100% data security and safety. 

 A reliable and meritocratic reputation management mechanism, based on concurrent professional reviews, will ensure websites ratings and premium advertisement placement. Brand safety and reputation won’t be a problem anymore. 

 Smart contracts are the bridge on block chain to connect any advertiser and publisher without any third party needed, drastically lowering advertising Marketplace fees. 

 For the first time, both Publishers and Consumers willing to voluntarily share anonymous data will get monetary rewards. Something today everyone is unconsciously already doing for free.*N1l8iIceBqDU93t7.png

 Here we are. As our community knows, date for Thrive public sale is set on March 10th 2018, 2:00PM UTC. 

Sale will stay open until April 05th 2018, 2:00PM UTC.

To participate in Public Sale there’s NO WHITELIST, and KYC is not necessary.For all those who already filled KYC form, it will be checked only if the contribution exceeds 3ETH. 

 Bonus Structure*qCspTDsYVBZcO4Oz.png

 Bonus will be lowered by time, and it is available for all contributors until the hard cap is reached. 

 Please note: individual cap is set to 3 ETH. Do not exceed this threshold, in that case exceeding funds will be refunded excluding costs, after the end of ICO and the process can take up to 2 months.  

How to participate:

 New purchasers, sign up at the official page: 

 Registered purchasers, login at the official page: 

 There are a lot of phishing attacks happening with fake websites and links that have visually similar names to 

 Be sure to triple check any links and watch out for typos. Thrive is not responsible for funds sent to incorrect addresses or via incorrect websites or pages. 

 Choose the currency you want to use for your transaction. You can choose among ETH, BTC and LTC. 

 Our calculator shows you the exact tokens amount you will receive with your contribution. Remember that the number of tokens you will see in your dashboard after the transaction could be slightly different from the one seen on the calculator as exchange rate is calculated according to the exact ETH/BTC/LTC value AT THE MOMENT THE TRANSACTION IS ACQUIRED. 

 Click on the GENERATE YOUR ETH/BTC/LTC WALLET button: this command will show you the address you have to transfer your funds to. Please remember, this address is generated by our platform and is UNIQUE FOR EACH USER, thus DO NOT ACCEPT ANY ADDRESS FROM ANYONE OUTSIDE THRIVE’s PLATFORM as only you can have access to your address. 

 Then, you would need to go to your own wallet to send your contribution.  

General terms

 1 THRT price is 0.25 EUR (fixed)

Min. contribution: 1000 THRT

No gas limitSuggested gas: 21000

Suggested gwei: 12

Individual cap: 3 ETH (or BTC, LTC equivalent) 

 Multiple transactions are allowed 

 Purchasers will be requested to provide a ERC20 compatible withdraw address such as MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Ledger, Mist, ImToken 

 Please, remember that your tokens will be displayed in your Thrive account after a couple of hours from the purchase. 

 Tokens will be transferable automatically to your own wallet after the end of the ICO. 

 Important: Do not send funds to any other domains, or addresses received by email or Telegram messages. The only way to access your unique contribution address is by logging in to you profile at our official domain: 

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