Thrive Public Sale FAQs

 Thrive public sale is set on March 10th 2018, 2:00PM UTC. Sale will stay open until April 05th 2018, 2:00PM UTC.

To participate in Public Sale there’s NO WHITELIST, and KYC is not necessary due to the individual cap.For all those who already filled KYC form, it will be checked only if the contribution exceeds 3 ETH. 

 Is KYC necessary to contribute in public sale ?

KYC is not needed for public sale due individual cap set up to 3 ETH.

What is the price of a token?

The token price during the public sales is € 0,25 each.

What is the minimum contribution ?

Minimum  contribution is 1000 THRT ( 250 EUR or 300 USD equivalent). In you  personal account you find a calculator to know exact amount in ETH, BTC  and LTC.

There are GAS and GWEI limit ? 

 There’s no limit for GAS and GWEI. We suggest 21000 GAS and 12 GWEI.

There’s an individual cap ?

Yes, individual cap is set up to 3 ETH. Don’t exceed this limit.

Which payment methods are available for token sales?

Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin BTC and Litecoin LTC can be used for payment during public sale.

Can i send contribution from exchange ?

Yes, we accept all kind of address for contribution.

Where I have to send my contribution ?

The  only and official address, unique for every contributor, will be  available only in your Thrive personal page. Thrive Team will NEVER send the official contribution address by email or in Telegram.

Why I can’t see tokens purchased in my dashboard ?

You have to wait up to 2 hours after contribution to see them. If you still not to see tokens, sign out and sign in back.

When do I get my token?

THRT tokens will be distributed at the end of ICO to ERC20 compatible address you provided in your personal profile

.When Thrive hit the exchanges ?

After  the end of ICO. We cannot mention exchange name, everyone knows the  rules. Majority of exchange doesn’t allow mentioning before official  announcement.

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