Swiss Alps Energy: Why is mine unprofitable?

In the first article, we talked about the project of the Swiss Alps Energy team , within which special boxes will be produced - SAE cubes, which will be located in the territories of unused houses in the Swiss Alps for use as environmentally friendly equipment for mining.

Why the Alps? Because their climatic, weather and temperature conditions are almost ideal for mining, in this connection, at least, there are no problems with cooling. In addition, the cubes will use the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) system, which uses excess heat from equipment for mining, producing electricity.

The team of the project is Swiss Alps Energy AG, works closely with local authorities that do not allow the use of abandoned buildings in the Alps for living, but they gladly support the idea of ​​the SAE project. This will resolve the issue of mining in the Swiss Alps.

In this article, let's talk about what became the reason for the emergence of such an idea, it is unlikely if the miners would have used such complex equipment located in the mountains, if it was less profitable than mine, for example, at home or in the city.
Excessive power consumption

With the advent of crypto currency, in particular bitcoin, in 2009 and the first transaction, the first users who became more familiar with the technology of blocking and its features began to earn a crypto currency, after which mining became the most real trend, in which thousands of users earned quite considerable sums.

The fact is that the mining in the form in which we saw it before this time required really high energy consumption, consuming more and more electricity every year. Now the situation with mining looks like this, that only for the mining of bitcoin a year more electricity is consumed than is consumed separately by 159 countries or 71 countries with the lowest level of electricity consumption in total.

Internet resource on IT technologies published a rather interesting fact - if all the world's miners united and created one country, then among all the others it would occupy the 61st place in terms of electricity consumption. And this is only if they did not do anything, except for obtaining crypto currency.

And specific figures speak about the following. The volume of electricity consumption around the world reaches about 21,963 TWh. On information technology, at the same time, about 416 TWh fall, ie 1.8% of the total.

If we take the volumes of electricity that annually go only for BTC and ETH mining, then the share of production of crypto-currency will be 6.9% of the share of electricity consumption from information technology, which is equal to 29 TWh.
Mining costs

Due to the fact that it takes quite a lot of the Crypto-currency to extract, even a lot of electricity, the bitcoin or other crypto currency may be unprofitable, because besides the fact that the miner needs to pay electricity costs, we also have to update the equipment from time to time, Mining, for example, on video cards - is quite urgent.

The creators of the decision of Swiss Alps Energy took into account the fact that the weather, climate and temperature conditions of the Swiss Alps are most suitable for the miners for the installation of equipment and production of crypto-currency. Plus, they took into account that at the moment in the territory of this mountain massif there is neither much nor little - about 400 thousand abandoned houses, which are not used at all.

The technology of ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) system together with SAE cubes will allow to reduce not only the use of electric power, but also the costs of miners for it, and not less than by 50%. Plus, the cost of maintaining and using such equipment for mining, like the SAE cube, will be significantly reduced, because it is completely autonomous and can be remotely adjusted.


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Author: Tono Ngucotsek

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