Ever since the advent of Bitcoin and the blockchain, cryptocurrency mining has become a source of income for many. With the increase in the number of miners and mining farms, especially as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that employ a proof-of-work algorithm(POW) continue to appreciate in value, one cannot help but consider the effects of the increase of cryptocurrency mining on the ecosystem. Cryptocurrency mining consumes a lot of power and computing power which could be used for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often wasted.

AI over the years has metamorphosed from a research for nerds into an aspect of technology that has numerous application in the in the day-to-day activities of humans ranging from the financial analysis to as far as space exploration. In the highly centralized AI computing market for cloud services, service providers like Google and Amazon dominate the market, any limitation on the operation of such service providers, greatly limits the availability and accessibility of cloud services for AI computing, an instance of which was the ban of Google in China.

NEBULA AI proposes a third generation decentralized artificial intelligence blockchain that reduces the cost of the traditional Proof-of-Work algorithm system. This is done by converting Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) mining machines into AI computing services, thus, facilitating the conversion of mining hash power into AI computing. This conversion will help provide affordable AI services. The NEBULA AI blockchain will allow for the development of Decentralized AI (DAI) applications and peer to peer artificial intelligence computing. NEBULA AI will be cooperating with large-scale Internet data centres in Quebec as a result of the favorable environmental and research conditions.


Cost-effective Artificial Intelligence services, rivaling those offered by Amazon and Google.
Provision of a conducive environment for the development and deployment of DAI applications.
Using the integrated API/SDK and payment gateways, developers are able to earn revenue through the AI smart contract.
Smart analysis using the Quant AI which is a used in predicting cryptocurrency price action and trend.
Application in diverse fields of research like machine learning and robotics.


The NEBULA AI Tokens (NBAI) will be the native token of the NEBULA AI blockchain. NBAI will be used for the following:

To purchase computing power.
As payment for DAI applications and services that have been set by developers as paid applications/services.
To purchase DAI training services.

NBAI tokens will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain pending when it will be replaced by the NEBULA AI main chain tokens in a 1:1 ratio. The total number of tokens that will be issued initially is 6 700 000 000 NBAI with an increase from 2% to 0.2% over a period of six(6) years. This is due to the fact that tokens are consumed as users use the features of the NEBULA AI DAI applications and the blockchain.

Nebula AI has been created for driving the advancement of artificial intelligence technologies – a large potential market, building a credible trust-based blockchain platform, and creating social value and serving all of humanity. That is the big business goals of Nebula.

Besides, there is a great team that can work with heart to develop more and more, Nebula is considered as the best platform which integrated the artificial intelligence to blockchain technology. In summary, Nebula is a good and worthy platform for investing and get the profit.

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