FintruX: Funding and administration market based on Ethereum Blockchain

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 FintruX is the world’s first blockbuster, based on the online market and an automated administration platform for financing, linking borrowers and investors, allowing them to customize and automatically build each contract with a borrower in real time.

Traditional automation is a single system for all loans / mortgages / leases (“Financing”), this distributed P2P financing platform is one “Smart Contract” for each Financing that is generated and deployed in real time in blockchain technology for help configurable interface.

FintruX creates a market and an automated administrative platform for lending / mortgages / leases (“Financing”). Our goal is to break the way of funding and administering funding. This document gives an overview of our approach. 

 Traditionally, the system belongs to investors, and conditions are determined by investors. The data is centralized, changing, and the downtime is sometimes inevitable. FintruX data is reliably decentralized, unchanged, and the failure time is almost guaranteed. Borrowers offer standard terms that are selected from the list, and investors make offers in confidence. Our platform is available to the public with full disclosure. Its aim is not only to combine borrowers and investors to execute transactions (the “Contract”), but also to create a Borrower Contract with full transparency, so that the parties can conduct a confidential agreement with fully automated administration.

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 Borrowers receive funding within a few hours
Payments in minutes Activity reports in seconds


Most sources of funding are made by third parties, such as brokers and other intermediaries. It increases the cost, time and complexity of the process. In addition, the administrative process is usually labor-intensive. Most of the financing agreements are difficult to understand, and special instructions such as trade, repurchase, refinancing, prepayment, processing at the end of time, etc., are mainly executed manually in spreadsheets. 

 Most systems used by investors who are not fully automated, records are changing, censored and obeyed the patriotic act of the country of domicile.

The financing industry has not yet adopted or adopted new technologies to meet the demand for new products and growing concern about data confidentiality, increased competition and consumer behavior change in this direction. 

 Financing processes that manage risks, bonuses, and claims are typically related to significant data exchanges between multiple parties. At present, different parties will store their own copies of data and process them separately. 

This makes it difficult to synchronize and collaborate through the overall process.Internet finance portals, trying to circumvent intermediaries, could not solve the above problems.

Benefits for borrowers  

  • Access to affordable credit.
  • Excellent borrowing experience.
  • Transparency and justice.
  • Reduced transaction fee.
  • Quick and effective funding.
  • Attractive contract.
  • Self-service.

  Benefits for lenders*CMh1kCHAtX3b8xWzs443tQ.png 

  • Access to classes of innovative assets created by borrowers.
  • A wonderful loan.
  • Attractive returns.
  • No prepayment for the investor.
  • Service cost for the investor.
  • More satisfied customers.

 Target audience
The FintruX market is for financial sector participants, and will be of major benefit to our users the ability to search and match different needs as a borrower or investor.

  • Borrower of Small Business (SME). Get a loan or lease to finance your organization’s needs.
  • Personal borrower Get a loan or lease to finance your personal needs.
  • Personal investor Provide an individual or SME to take advantage of direct investment.
  • Institutional Investor. Providing individual or small and medium-sized businesses based on portfolio interests and risk profiles.
  • Brokers provide consulting services and other services.

For the execution of certain tasks, such as transferring applications for funding, the KYC Knowledge Your Client Process will be created.

FTX- The FintruX Token*K9z41EKx3Dx3xNwaQb75VQ.png

 The FTX current is used to power the FintruX platform and works as a means for rewarding or remunerating for participating in the market. Each action on the platform has a linked cost specified in the FTX. Because actions are performed on a platform, FTX is transmitted from one participant to another. As a result of these actions, the platform will receive a reward. 

 FTX Crowdsale

  • FTX will be released during our forex trading. Upon completion, no additional tokens will be created. The sale will last three weeks
    from November 8 to the 29th of the same month.
  • No more than 100,000,000 FTX tokens will be created, of which 25,000,000 tokens will be retained as a reserve.
  • A maximum of 75,000,000 FTX will be sold during the crowd, any remaining tokens will be burned.



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