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Litecoin is one of the famous cryptocurrency and ranked 4th (by market capitalization) on CoinMarketCap at the time of publishing. Litecoin is an open source P2P digital currency that makes it possible to instantly send payments to anywhere in the world. The Litecoin network was launched on October 13, 2011, by Charlie Lee who had great experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. He was an engineer at Coinbase and former Google employee.

Litecoin in some way is similar to Bitcoin but differs In block generation time, number of coins, hash algorithms, and many others.

A single query for litecoin wallet on major search engines will result in a wide range of suggestions. Frankly speaking, there are cool wallets out there, however, the best and appropriate depends on one’s needs. There are hard wallets, mobile wallets, desktop wallets, and several others. Kindly note that the crypto wallets in existence now have their pros and cons.

Having to choose a litecoin wallet goes beyond intuition. The process involved in selecting a wallet to store your funds should be guided and informed. Most often people turn to consider security, speed, user-friendliness, etc. when it comes to crypto wallets in general. What if I told you there is more to what we perceive? Atomic wallet is a brand new multi-asses non-custodial solution for convenient and secure storage and management of litecoin.

Atomic Wallet - The Ultimate Litecoin Wallet

Atomic wallet is a decentralized cross-blockchain exchange that provides a custody-free, transparent, immutable cryptocurrency trading amongst users around to world. It provides users with the ability to securely manage Litecoin and over 300 digital assets. Atomic wallet also now supports the purchasing of Litecoin and other top cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and others with a credit card. Interestingly, Atomic Wallet multi-platform and is available on both Windows and Mac PCs and mobile. Users have the choice to choose what suits them.

A quick walkthrough of how to start managing Litecoin and other cryptos by Atomic Wallet team
To sum up, users have the ability to buy LiteCoin on Atomic wallet desktop application. This is outstanding, an all in one solution for the crypto industry. This service is supported by Simplex - the largest EU licensed card processing company. When it comes to buying cryptocurrencies with credit cards Simplex is always ahead. In order to buy cryptos with a bank card, you will need to verify your identity and complete the purchasing process. Once your bank approves the payment, your purchased crypto should hit your account in a couple of hours or less. This is the safest and fastest way to buy LiteCoin(LTC) and other popular cryptocurrencies.


Atomic Wallet: https://atomicwallet.io
Get Wallet - https://atomicwallet.io/litecoin-wallet

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