Giving up


"Don't give up" that reassuring voice whispered at the back of my ears, "you tried your best, I think it's time to call it quit" the other not so reassuring voice that I hated but sometimes love whispered in the other ear. Now I had to decide if I was going to walk away or keep moving on, I heard of difficult choices in the past, but never have I been in This sort of position before.

As I stood there pondering of I should walk away or move on I remembered what mother told me about not quitting. When I was a little girl she had said, I was told women couldn't be engineers but then I struggled till I became a house wife. Funny how she gave up so easily. But I didn't see how this was going to help me in not giving up. How would I tackle one of the most difficult things in my life.

How would I pass this hurdle before me, I hated everything thing about it, my dad had told me what don't kill you would make you stronger and he had encouraged me to do it, I hated the smell, I hated the colour, I would have to give up because I certainly couldn't do it, this task was above me. Tell me why I should do something I hated?

As I sat and watched while the task was being prepared, I became nervous, like a student faced with an exam paper he didn't prepare for, sweat ran down my cheeks. It was at that moment I gave up. I wasn't going to do it

I wasn't going to eat onions.

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