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Hey. Today I want to tell you about a project like TokenGo. If you Are not new to the world of cryptocurrencies, then most likely you have already heard about this platform and you can not read further, but take a bounty :) but if you are a beginner, I ask you to read my article. TokenGo-business-Platform tokenization, which uses a fair system of remuneration. The TokenGo platform is an open-type system and allows you to use a set of standard JSON RESTful APIs when working with and connecting to it. This Protocol is compatible with any application that complies with the messaging standard, such as ISO20022 or FpML markup Language. What can I use the platform for? Attention: - conducting ICO (you can create your token and control its profitability and liquidity, it is very simple, it is convenient!)

In fact, the ideas and capabilities of the platform can be talked about for a long time, but you can learn more about it by contacting the official website of the company

According to Dora map: the project is close to the realization of the Monet on the crypto-currency exchanges, ICO is coming to an End and at the time of publication of the article there are only six days. A week!

The project also provides a large company bounty, which is almost one hundred percent. Participants are well parable and received generous rewards from the project
In my opinion (only mine. you can challenge) this is one of the most interesting projects of the two thousand eighteenth year. Join the team TokenGo, together we - force!

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Platform TokenGo created a truly stunning blockchain. They present their product very successfully. Gradually gaining momentum, the capitalization of the project increases every day.

26.05.2018 16:07

There is a high probability that this TokenGo project will occupy a leading position in its segment. They created blockchain technology, fixed a lot of bugs. The platform is very attractive for investors.

27.05.2018 15:58

I think the platform has a great future. When the platform and the exchange are launched into production, as well as all the functionality that is promised on it, the infrastructure platform will progress enormous steps.

28.05.2018 03:25