Vanta - Decentralized Network for Real Time Connectivity

The Internet of things (IoT) revolutionized the way data is sent and received. Anything anywhere can be turned into a part of the IoT. This gives devices a whole new level of intelligence and smartness. The connection between the physical and digital without the need for human involvement is what makes IoT a revolution.

There's a need for instant and secure connectivity between devices and people and this need keep increasing by the second. For what is life without speedy data access whenever and wherever we need it. Real-time data access holds the key to almost every aspect of our daily lives. From Education to entertainment to individual medical and life support systems to so many other innumerable needs. That is why real-time data transmission and processing need to be fast and secure. Vanta aims to be the solution.

Vantas' aim is straightforward and unique in its application. A network where individuals and companies can quickly and efficiently develop services in real time. Vanta Platform can help companies with its intelligent network to transmit and process real-time data at the lowest cost possible. The Vanta Blockchain is open to creative services which can integrate with the system and this system will ultimately focus on improving how individuals and businesses relate data wise.

The Data market is large and still has a lot of space to expand. According to research video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube etc that make up this sector has the potential of doubling its market cap from $30.29Bn to about $70.05Bn in 2021 and that's just a tiny segment of the IoT industry. That's a huge market still untapped and Vanta is positioning itself in the forefront of that windfall.

Vanta Platform and Module.
The Vanta Platform is an ecosystem on its own built on the Blockchain. Other independent Platforms can make use of the Vanta module via SDK or an API. This will give everyone independence while they also enjoy the benefits Vanta provides. This will be inexpensive for developers because they will be no need for a separate server or developing from scratch.

The Vanta Platform having its core processes built on the Blockchain will ensure its security and stability. Users of Vanta based services will also enjoy privacy and a greatly reduced service cost.

Vanta UseCases

Vanta Platform can be used as communication between users, customers service within organizations that have a need for it. These communications will be real time with the utmost privacy maintained.

Vanta Platform will be able to transmit live video streaming services. From online courses to Sports to movies and even music.

Games can also be transmitted via the Vanta Platform. With the Blockchain, items that are tradable in-game app can easily be tracked.

Vanta solutions also include telecommunication infrastructure.

These are just a few of what Vanta offers. More can be found on the WEBSITE and WHITEPAPER.

Token Sale.
VNT will be built on the Ethereum Blockchain, and after the mainnet launch, can be swapped to the Vanta native token.
35% is the total tokens that will be sold. All unsold tokens will be burned.
Total Tokens: 56,200,000,000
1 VNT - $0.00088
Hardcap - $15m

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