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Everyone is buying bitcoin. Everyone knows what it is. Each investor in the portfolio necessarily has digital gold and many of them have already achieved their goals in the investing. Perhaps you would like to diversify your portfolio with the real gold, the one of that is considered a reference in the everyday world, but while we have already sorted out the cryptocurrencies, we need a product that would easily acquire any stock assets, including metals or stocks. For this we need a product that would allow us to acquire easily stock assets and precious metals as well as we acquire the cryptocurrencies, I mean instantly! With all this, we need it to belong only to us. This is possible with the use of the blockchain technology. We are used to the fact that all our assets are in our "pocket".

Because the ordinary world and its laws act quite differently. The cryptocurrencies give us freedom, while ordinary assets are subject to the influence of the legislation. In addition, the legislation prohibits us (for ordinary citizens), to acquiring many assets.
Such a project already exists, it came out on the ICO and it is called ThinkCoin. This is the company that operates on the basis of the TradeConnect and gives us the opportunity to trade traditional assets, whose transactions, in turn, take place outside the network, but their result is recorded in the blockchain. As a result, we get an opportunity to make quickly a deal on trading financial assets without any intermediaries. Transactions are made outside the network for its faster conclusion. So we have a full-fledged hybrid model of the trading with ANY assets, from the cryptocurrency to shares of companies. Everything will pass under the control of the smart contract, and where we see the smart contract there is 100 percent guaranteed the absence of intermediaries!

ThinkCoin - this is not a toy for "hamsters". This is a really serious organization for big players who want to diversify their portfolio while remaining in the "blockchain" because it is much more pleasant to realize when your assets are really just yours.

The company has an experience of this activity more than ten years! The ThinkMarkets group of the companies unites several companies that have a huge number of awards that you can see in the Whitepaper, such as "Best New Broker and Best Broker in Australia". So not everyone boasts! CEO of Nauman Anees is a strategist, expert in the modeling trading models and a mastermind, and his LinkedIn page describes the path that the creator passed as CEO of ThinkMarkets.

As a fuel for the platform, they will use its own token TCO. The company plans to raise 30,000,000$ and already has collected more than half! Мay be you are not interested in buying shares of some well-known companies, but it is necessary to take into account the fact that many investors want it. Namely, this will push up the value of the token after it enters the exchange. According to the roadmap, the listing on the stock exchange will be in May 2018. A beta version of the team is ready to present in July 2018.

Just imagine! - The company that gives people the opportunity to trade financial products for more than a decade creates a single cryptocurrency wallet and makes the hybrid system combining all the types of asset trading! Say in simple words? - this is "FOREX which makes its cryptocurrency"! If I were the owner of the crypto exchange, I would have offered them a listing)))

The main direction that ThinkCoin has chosen is the mobile application that will allow you to do all above your mobile phone. Already, you can download the app on iOS and Android. This solution has the statistical basis, which indicates that a large number of people expect and are ready to work in the mobile applications. This is undoubtedly convenient and on occasion, you can buy/sell your assets even during walking in a park or during the trip in a car.
I suggest you read Announcement about the product on BitcoinTalk and read the Whitepaper.

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