The Yumerium project - a gaming platform based on the blockchain technology

Problems of the computer games market

Most computer games are available to players after purchasing a licensed copy. Not so long ago, in the field of online games, appeared a new formula — free-to-play, anyone can start playing for free. But in these games, as usual, a lot of things sold for a special game currency that you need to buy for real money from the developer. With the introduction of this scheme, the volume of the market of computer games in 2018 exceeded 100 billion USD, and the online games have taken a leading role in the digital entertainment industry. According to the forecasts of the analytical companies, the growth rate will not decrease in the future, but will only increase.

Unfortunately, most of this market is controlled by a dozen large companies. They have almost all the tools of influence at their disposal:

  • marketing;
  • distribution;
  • payment system;
  • licensing.

These companies decide which games will be placed on the platform, and can also influence the developers of game content in order to maximize profits, even at the expense of quality.
Gamers, whose loyalty determines the success or failure of the game, do not have any rights to their game values, they can not freely dispose of items — buy or sell them for real money. On the other hand, there are professional players who earn a lot of money on their hobby, participating in various competitions in the eSport. But not everyone can become the top athletes, but the desire to combine business with pleasure — a game and an opportunity to earn — many users of computer games want.

A solution that proposed by the Yumerium

The Yumerium project gives you the opportunity to play your favorite games and earn game currency, which can be changed for real money or pay for goods and services. The platform will be released the internal cryptocurrency, which developers will use in their projects. This allows you to transfer a number of functions to the blockchain platform, namely:

  • all in-game calculations;
  • license fees;
  • stimulation of gamers;
  • promotions to attract new users.

The introduction of the blockchain technology will make the system transparent and help in the fight against fraud, as all the transactions are available at any time, and it is almost impossible to forge records in the chain. The Yumerium project will allow developers to reduce their advertising budgets.
The use of the platform makes it possible to carry out advertising campaigns among the most targeted audience, which in addition to saving, significantly affects the effectiveness of the marketing companies.

For avid gamers, the introduction of a single game token opens up a number of the opportunities:

  • allows you to exchange game money for real;
  • secures ownership of in-game items;
  • gives you the opportunity to move into new projects without losing the accumulated funds in the last game.

For new developers, that need investment, the platform Yumerium developing a mechanism for fundraising (Crowdfunding) as major investors and ordinary players. This attracts the attention of potential customers even at the development stage.

The Yumerium Token

The Yumerium Token (YUM) it is the domestic coin platform developed and released on the Ethereum blockchain of the standard ERC20. In addition to in-game use, this digital currency can be used for any mutual settlements anywhere in the world. In the initial stages of the Yumerium project, developers will allocate funds to stimulate and attract new users and companies that produce games.

With the development of the project, the cost of the token YUM will grow. This is due to the increased demand for the coin. Factors influencing the increase in demand:

  • purchase tokens by new players or for a new project;
  • purchase of tokens by developers for stimulating marketing companies;
  • purchase of coins by third-party investors.

You can buy the YUM token within the ICO program, held from may 24 to July 24, 2018.

The founders and developers of the project have extensive experience in the gaming industry. A good idea and a worthy team make the Yumerium project attractive for both ordinary users and potential influential investors.

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