The Internet of things, Databroker DAO

In this article, I will talk about the Databroker DAO project.

When I was studying this project in order to write about it beautifully and clearly as it is peculiar to me, I read a hundred blogs and understood nothing)) I understood only that this project is interesting, it has a lot of fans, but I could not understand what is the nature of this interest: HYIP or really "the idea of a million"? So I'll start with describing what the Internet of things is, where it's used, and how Databroker DAO wants to accelerate the global progress.

Let's start…
The first "Internet thing" appeared in 1990. It is the toaster designed by American John Romkey, one of the founders of the TCP/IP Protocol. Connecting the kitchen assistant to the world wide web, the engineer was able to turn it on and off remotely. Just for fun, not knowing that his experiment will be the trigger that will cause "avalanche effect" and begin to shape a new reality.

Internet of Things it is a network of networks with uniquely identifiable endpoints that communicate with each other in two directions over IP protocols and typically without human intervention. I'll just say - it's a system of devices that communicate with each other. The main devices in this system are IOT sensors (internet-of-things).

Suppose you need to grow tomatoes. You plant one bush. For this you will need:

  • a thermometer for measuring water temperature
  • a thermometer for measuring air temperature
  • a thermometer for measuring the temperature of the earth
  • the litmus test for the determination of the minerals in the water for irrigation
  • alarm clock to make watering in time
  • your hands to open the Windows when it's too hot
  • your hands to water the Bush
  • your ears to hear the alarm clock
  • your hands to mix fertilizer in the right proportion
  • and much more…

When you come to your tomato, you are the system of interaction with all the devices and you use the data from the thermometer, alarm clock, bucket of water to grow your bush by the best way. To say easily - you interact with the data that you are provided with the device. But if you have 10,000 bushes, the situation gets complicated. Your hands won't be enough. Lot sensors come to help you, which can measure the temperature anywhere and send a signal to the drive that will open the windows. When the temperature returns to normal, the drive will close the windows. These sensors will signal the watering device that it's time to water your tomatoes, the device without your participation will add the necessary amount of minerals to the water (this will also be monitored by a separate sensor Iot) and the pump will pump water into your bushes. After watering with the required amount of water, the IOT sensor in the soil, which is responsible for transmitting data on soil moisture, will give a signal and watering the plants will stop. This is a system of interaction without human involvement.

You can rest, watch these actions from the side and enjoy the growth of your tomatoes. And in the end, we can always find more important things to do, so all we need are devices, IOT sensors, and DATA for these sensors. Why do we need data? - to "teach" this system to interact! If your stomach did not signal (read “data”) to your brain about hunger, we would feel constant fatigue and irritability, but would not understand the simplest - we need to eat. Data is everywhere! Wherever we look, everything is filled with them. When we get burned, we pull back our hand! The data in the form of pain go instantly to the brain and we're not going to touch the fire. Why? - because we learned. Our body is designed so that we always remember such cases and our brain pulls the hand at the slightest contact with the hot surface. In the human body, this can be called simply EXPERIENCE. In the case of IOT sensors, this is the data.

With the human body, everything is clear. And how does it work in Iot?

Again, I turn to examples for clarity:
In cars there are multiple networks: one controls the operation of the engine, other systems, supports third communications, etc. In office and residential buildings also installed many networks for controlling heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, telephone, security, lighting.

And when we overheat the engine, we see "check" - a sign that tells us: "- I overheated, I need to urgently cool!"This is Iot. But you have to understand what temperature is that, for this metal, when it's time to sound the alarm, but retain the ability to protect the engine from the strain. For this purpose, the manufacturer carried out the experiments and empirically establish this value. At the same time, a huge amount of money and time is spent.
When the car crashes into an obstacle the "airbag" triggered, which has already saved millions of lives! And all thanks to the data transfer. Sensors compression/deformation instantaneously transmit a signal to the car computer and it through a certain fraction of a second sends the information to a triggered device that opens a “airbag” with such speed that the blow “airbag” is not sent the driver to the heavens. And this is also monitored by a sensor that is trained with the data.

Humanity has a chance to get rid of phobias, like "did I close the door" or "did I turn off the iron", because the data about it will be in the smartphone. And if suddenly something is not closed and is not turned off, everything can be fixed from any point of the city and the world. The surveillance system detects the faces of everyone who walked near your house or stood near the door of the apartment, and when the same person reappears, it will compare his face with the police base. As a precaution. The refrigerator, equipped with a set of cameras, will report the end of the shelf life of products and simply depletion of reserves of your favorite ice cream. Smart vacuum cleaner will send a message about finding jewelry that fell under the couch.
This is not the most interesting. Imagine the flying transport, which according to NASA and UBER should appear in 2020. Just imagine how many sensors and data should be there... and all the equipment that will be in such a car must be “trained” with the data.

For the realization of ideas and expectations to life requires a comprehensive, technical, operational and organizational base of the Iot data, which the Databroker DAO is. As you understand, the data is the most expensive of the entire system! In order to teach the robot how to pour tea, you need to teach it thousands of things about which you do not suspect and all systems must interact. Your robot should navigate in space, stand on your feet if they are, "understand" the height of the table, the rigidity of the mug, how much water to pour, how long to pour it, with what angle to tilt the kettle ... Probably not thousands, but millions of things! And the most valuable is the data that companies are saving up and might want to sell them with the pleasure. This opportunity provides Databroker DAO, that creates the decentralized marketplace of the data of IoT sensors.

The project will be interesting to several groups:

  • Owners of sensors
  • Operators of networks
  • Producers of sensors
  • Clever city
  • initiatives
  • Agriculture
  • Science and technologies

Each of these groups will be able to get additional profit or economy using Databroker DAO.
You can buy tokens of this project at cost 1 ETH = 4000 DTX and only in the first day it is possible to receive 10% bonus. I like such relation in bonuses, it is a little. It says that the company treats seriously the product and just isn't ready to give tokens free.

Already at the moment, the team has a beta of the marketplace therefore generally the emphasis will be on scaling.

I suggest you study in more detail the project on exiles below:

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