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Do you know how "Smart home" interacts with the owner of this house? You come home, and you have hot tea, the temperature corresponds to the required norm, the "quiet" light is on. Of course, global positioning or simply GPS. When you are on the road, your "smart home" understands that you are approaching the global positioning and begins to prepare for your arrival. Isn't cool!? This is one of the applications of GPS in our lives, which is permeated by this kind of data. With GPS, we go to the desired point, looking for a car, we know where our children are. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of GPS.

GPS it is a super complex system consisting of 24 satellites flying around the earth. They fly in that way at any time in the zone of any point of the earth there are at least 4 satellites, which with an accuracy of 4 meters will indicate your location. Despite the technical complexity of this picture, there is an even deeper complexity — Einstein's "theory of relativity" in GPS coordination. The fact that the satellites are moving at high speed, in zero gravity and our time is a little bit slower than in the space. Therefore, what we download on our iPhone, completely free of charge, considering it an ordinary application, is actually a brilliant invention of mankind. The launch of each satellite costs 500 000 000 $!!! Do you know any company that wants to launch a satellite? In this article we will talk about one of this company:

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀XYO NETWORK

It is the blockchain platform that implements its own proof - of-work development - "proof of location". We already know the most popular "proof-of-work" and "proof-of-stake" that have their pros and cons, but first of all, they protect us from DDoS attacks. But the development of this company is truly unique, in addition to proving the location, there is another axis — the axis of time! And this eliminates from the fraud because at one time you can only be in one place.
So what is it and how will XYO NETWORK change our lives? I have devoted a lot of time of my life to international deliveries and I always wanted to know where my goods are (parcel, container). This company will give to the world the ability to track the location of any objects. I will give some examples, from the household for individuals and global which will be useful for large companies:

  • Hang the sensor on your keys or put it in your schoolgirl daughter's sneaker. You understand what for...
  • Track where your car went if it was stolen.
  • Track where the damn dog ran off again)))
  • Control the movement of your parcel
  • Control when your parents come home and you're with a girlfriend ))))
  • The company can track the receipt of its goods in warehouses
  • Car-sharing companies can track the location of the car even if it has already been dismantled to the bolts.
  • Government agencies can monitor the movement of military equipment, expensive medicines. In General, States are actively using such developments and no one says that XYO NETWORK is not destined.

There are a thousand uses, but I'll describe the essence of the example with a stolen car. If any car thief is looking for a device on their channels and he will find it, you can forget about your car. But no one will look for a chip that is absolutely autonomously attached to the rear seat cover. Or anywhere. And the most important thing is that all the data of the movement will be recorded in the blockchain with the time reference and no one can delete them.
The XYO NETWORK Protocol can be implemented in any of the most popular blockchains, which gives the effect of the wave. This scaling will make any blockchain even more efficient. Everyone knows about Ethereum with their"smart-contracts". Now imagine that we add XYO NETWORK to the smart-contracts:

We conclude a contract with suppliers for the purchase of a container of foam balls)) We agree with the work in the Ethereum network through the smart-contract. The prepayment will be transferred only after crossing the border between the countries using the XYO NETWORK Protocol. You pay 80% after your container arrives in your city coordinates which will be tracked using XYO NETWORK. You pay100% upon receipt and visual inspection.

If your container is stuck somewhere you can include fines))) and XYO NETWORK will help with it.

Among the partners is the company IFTTT which provides the product of automation of your data between themselves or with the world around them. That is if you receive an SMS with a certain content (you choose the conditions) - IFTTT can turn on the light in the children's room or start a car. This is an automation service that is known to the whole world and which, among other things, does not apply to the blockchain. But I really like this partnership, because I am a fan of this automation tool.

The site has a case for use and even separate documents which indicate different mechanisms of the relationship between XYO NETWORK and clients in different situations. Whether it's a Car rental or Insurance Agencies. This company has found applications in many areas and the scaling is inevitable.
I think that the project is noteworthy because some people call it "blockchain3.0"

Thank you for reading!

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