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The GameStars platform - the blockchain for the investing and promoting products in e-sports

The cybersport is one of the fastest growing branches of the gaming industry. The number of fans around all over the world is 165 million people, with a projected annual growth of 15%, and the financial potential of the industry will increase to 905 million dollars in 2018. Like any fast-growing market, e-sports has specific problems of the industry. The blockchain-project GameStars offers its vision of its solution.

Problems of e-Sports and its solution

Like any other sport, professional-level e-sports requires quality equipment, daily training with an experienced trainer and a reliable team. From a financial point of view, this requires large investments, ranging from renting premises and top computers and devices, ending with investments in one's own health. The functionality of the GameStars will allow the prospective cyber sportsmen to get funding from sponsors or investors.

In e-sports, the participation in tournaments is available exclusively to the top teams, which can be accessed only after several years of intensive training. For beginners and intermediate players, competitions remain an unattainable goal. On the GameStars platform tournaments of various levels will be presented, participation in which will provide all players with experience and prize rewards. With the GameStars tools for players and sponsors, it will be possible to run your own competitions, which does not require much time and money.

Professional e-sports teams and other teams often do not have contracts with managers, or contracts are concluded on the terms that are unprofitable for players. Athletes are not provided with guaranteed salaries and other obligations from the owners of the team but are burdened by high fines and impracticable conditions for changing the team. In addition, players occasionally have to face the problem of the non-payment of prize money, non-compliance with conditions and refund of contributions. Such situations arise from the lack of a single structure and rules for organizing tournaments, as well as the regulation of relations between organizers and teams/athletes. The smart contracts of the GameStars will ensure the transparency of the profit distribution and compliance with the conditions of the competition by all parties.

Technologies and the GameStars tokens

Use of the blockchain and the smart contracts of the GameStars allows to the e-sportsmen of any level to receive investments for development, and make investing itself honest, accessible and controlled. In the Ethereum chain, the smart contract is formed for each participant, similar to the ERC20 token standard, supplemented with specific features and interfaces for working in the GameStars system.
The financial incentive for the interaction between players, teams, and sponsors will be two crypto-currencies:
· GameStarsToken (GST);
· Cyber ​​sport token.

GST tokens will be used within the system as a means of payment. They are based on the ERC20 Ethereum standard and are issued in a limited amount - 500 million GST. Demand for tokens will be stimulated by the need for them to deploy the smart e-commerce contracts, purchase player tokens, form prize pools and the payments of incomes.

The cyber sportsmen tokens also use the standard ERC20, but with the enhanced functionality. They are designed to attract investment for the development of the player and ensure the rights to receive part of his income. Each athlete receives 100 personal tokens one time.

The GameStars platform is created by the professional cyber-sportsmen, who have personal experience in the industry. They are familiar with the features and problems of e-sports, which helped them to create effective solutions that can correct the situation. The new business models offered by the GameStars project can increase the income of players and investors and make the industry as honest and transparent as it is possible.

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Once I dreamed of this. Play and earn.

28.06.2018 07:40

large project. definitely deserves attention

29.06.2018 20:50

they have a partnership with Flux. I wonder what will happen to the course when they have a partnership with GameCredits)))

03.07.2018 16:11