ICO 2.0 and Blockshipping

Everyone knows about the risks that are associated with investments in ICO. The project can simply get lost, delete all social networks and we can assume that they have never existed. Only addresses with the transactions remain in memory.

I want to introduce you the development of a Danish company called ICO2.0. These are new standards of the ICO, which will give to the potential investors those components that were not enough-Guarantees and Safety! Nordic fintech consulting Agency (NORFICO) has created the ICO standards that fully comply with the Danish legislation and they work closely with local regulators. The team consists of people who for fifteen years have been advisers to work with the brands "IBM", "Lenovo", "Discovery", and with various ministries of Denmark.

I wouldn't describe it if it were not the project, that now holds ICO2.0. The team of this project includes the Agency NORFICO. Undoubtedly, this is an important fact that arouses interest even before the acquaintance with the project.

The Blockshipping company based in 2017, involved in the container transportation. CEO Blockshipping Peter Ludvigsen worked about 40 years in the field of the container transportation at the highest positions. His team is high-level specialists, but not only in logistics but also in IT sphere. The main profile of the company is container cargo transportation on the blockchain, which according to preliminary calculations will save up near 6 billion dollars due to reasonable processing on the blockchain, meanwhile reducing emissions to the atmosphere.

The company will have two tokens:

  • The first token is CCC which has a base ERC-20. Exactly this token you will receive in response to the investment. The total number of tokens = 50 000 000 units. The company plans to collect the equivalent of 24 800 000 dollars in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dollars or Euros. No wonder I mentioned ICO2.0 after all, this company promises transparency in a relation to the costs of funds from fees. The ICO2 standards.0 includes many items that you can explore in the technical documentation of the Blockshipping. The CCC token will give the right to the dividends for the holders of the company's profits. This token will be traded on the centralized and decentralized exchanges, which will increase the value of the token.
  • The second marker CPT will live in their own blockchain of the Blockshipping company. This token will be equal to the cost of 1 dollar, because of the market volatility can not allow you to work with monstrous jumps in the rate. Therefore, the decision to create two different tokens is quite justified. Own blockchain will allow you to set up a flexible system of the interaction between clients and the company, contracts, and cargo disposal. The CPT token will be a working one that will allow cross-border payments without the participation of banks, without overcharging, without unnecessary paperwork, quickly. Everything will be recorded in the blockchain, which will significantly reduce costs compared to the traditional business. In addition, the Company promises to introduce functions for the token CCC that will give it additional value.

The media write a lot about this project. I counted 144 articles in different languages! Do you understand what it means? - this is a truly unique project that will pay dividends in the cryptocurrency! Real, serious business with a volume of 27 million units of containers! In accordance with the law and under the supervision of the Danish regulators launch their ICO2.0.

This is the beginning of a new time, where the wild ICO fees that offered dubious ideas are replaced by actual operating companies.
This is the first ICO2.0 and for some reason, I remembered bitcoin, because it was also the first one )))

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It is necessary to think and understand, it is pleasant to me

15.05.2018 13:28

I think it the first global project. Very interestingly as they will develop

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The interesting idea, it is necessary to study in more detail

17.05.2018 21:25

The interesting idea, it is necessary to study in more detail

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