Essentia and MyEtherWallet

Perhaps we should start with the fact that this product already has integration into such projects as Ethereum, Storj, Bitcoin, Gnosis, Status, and others ... This project is called Essentia.

Maybe you already heard about this project. Essentia is a decentralized system that will protect your data.

Many companies often do not realize the reality of a virtual threat, and their protection is limited to blocking email spam and computer viruses. If before a dangerous virus could be found only on sites with 18+ content, then today you can catch the "infection" immediately when you connect to the Internet. Despite the fact that viruses have learned to block the work of entire corporations, often becoming "heroes" of news, they are not the only threat to the information security of the company. Hacker attacks, DDoS attacks, data loss as a result of hardware failures or actions of third parties can significantly affect the workflow, so the issue of protecting information on the Internet becomes more relevant today than ever.

Essentia creates an application that you can easily integrate into any partitions and as a stand-alone application Essentia will protect your data from strangers. Recently, cryptoenthusiasts have no vision of "absolute security", since people can not afford to lose their data, passwords, or cryptocurrency. Essentia will give people the opportunity to approach this vision. The application is easy and fast, which gives an additional advantage to the users.

The decentralized structure of Essentia consists of Essences and Synergies. The most popular tools for using Essentia can be checking "Know Your Customers" and working with your passwords. Integration with Ethereum will allow you to safely trade on decentralized exchanges and enter passwords into Myetherwallet. You know how much was stolen in these two places. And Essentia will finally give you a shield that will protect you from the threat of data theft. Essentia - it's "all-in-oneseed" project!

I will finish the description of the project with one interesting fact:
If you want to earn with the ESSENTIA team, you can pay attention to the launch of masternode that will take part in the work of the system and you will receive a reward for it. The company will run at least 2,000 masternodes and with 100,000 Essentia tokens (ESS), you will be able to start your masternode and receive a reward for PoS-mining within 7 years. Therefore, if you want to invest, but also earn tokens "free", then pay attention to the necessary volume and become a part of the beautiful Essentia project.

More information you can learn on the site Essentia, as well as studying Whitepaper.
Thank you for your time!
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Security is not superfluous. Especially when trading on decentralized exchanges

01.06.2018 06:12

excellent overview

01.06.2018 08:42

Thank you for review. I really want to use it.

04.06.2018 10:14

the project will be popular. Thank you

04.06.2018 19:27