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Imagine that you want to sell your laptop for cryptocurrency … What to do in such situation?! Fiat money attracts nobody anymore. The trend of the modern world — cryptocurrency and blockchain. But in ordinary life, there isn’t enough final stage for a complete cycle of cryptocurrencies in the world. And this stage — the most important — purchase of goods.

The governments of the countries not really want to introduce into circulation cryptocurrencies, therefore, it is necessary to wait for enthusiasts who will realize the most important stage of a goods turnover and cryptocurrencies.

Get acquainted — Ravelous.com

*You will be able to sell things unnecessary you for cryptocurrency

*You will be able to globalize your shop for the whole world

*You will be able to receive cryptocurrency selling goods

*You can buy cryptocurrency steady against volatility

*You can join airdrop and crowdsale: Ravelous.com

It is marketplace which will allow you to purchase something having paid with cryptocurrency!

At the same time, it isn’t obligatory to have any certain currency as the seller want. The exchanger is built in the market. This will allow exchanging currency for that which the seller wants.

But what to do to those who want to receive cryptocurrency for the goods, but isn’t familiar with this or that coin? What to do if seller afraid big volatility of a crypt, but all the same want money always remained it? In this case, developers implement on the platform the token ERC-20 under the name RAVE. This token will allow you to avoid volatility because in RAVE token developers use the principle of the gold standard. You will be able to store this token in a wallet and on a marketplace. And eventually, you will be able to exchange it for another cryptocurrency.

You shouldn’t miss also a reverse side of the marketplace. Individual sellers and even shops will be able to receive payment in cryptocurrency! This platform will help you to sell things unnecessary you for the cryptocurrency. And you shouldn’t do several exchanges eventually to receive it. Isn’t that so excellent idea?!

I consider that this project waits for the big future …

And that is why I so think…

The biggest marketplaces of the world have annual earnings about 3 billion US dollars. But they are centralized … They give the chance to pay (to accept payment) only in fiat money. At the same time, you need to undergo difficult identifications of the personality. And eventually, these platforms work not with all countries. But all of us understand that the future its decentralization and cryptocurrencies, therefore this “train started” and will overtake his competitors with better results!

The marketplace of the global level with own currency, protected from volatility, based on a blockchain.




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Very useful idea!

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Very interesting project. Thank you for the article

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