4 reasons to start doing fitness

Recently became fashionable to do sports. People of different age have started taking care of themselves. They spread their progress in social networks, propagandizing healthy food, regular visit to the gym and absolutely a healthy lifestyle. Now you are not in fashion if you smoke, take alcohol and eat “fast food”. Society has realized that happiness consists of three important components — physical health, composure and a material benefit. Often, we don’t take care of our life because we do not have time. We constantly hurry for work, there surely we are late, and after work, we do not have forces to go to the gym. At the same time, we are dissatisfied persons, we complain about our life and feeling sick.

The world and society don’t stand still. The GYMREWARDS company suggests to combine business with pleasure — to take care of our life and at the same time to earn money.
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Everything is very simple, the GYMREWARDS application suggests to carry out physical exercises and pays remuneration in cryptocurrency for their performance. The application works like smartwatch and control of heartbeat. It is necessary to install it on the phone, it is provided for any modern phones, and GYMREWARDS will automatically work.
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GYMREWARDS it is the system which includes 4 main components:

1)GYM Rewards Mining App — the application for mining (earnings) of coins, when you are doing physical exercises.

2)GYM Rewards Exchange — the exchange where it is possible to exchange the earned GYM with BTC and ETH. Any company which has own cryptocurrency can carry out a listing of the coin (token) on the GYMREWARDS exchange. Such option costs only 1 ETH and won’t be of a problem to anyone. Thereby, such company can scale the interests having joined this system.

3)Insurance Companies Partnerships — the team of developers plans to sign contracts with insurance companies where you will be able to receive a discount if you pay with GYM tokens.

4)Gym Partnership — the team is seeking to scale their name and on such interesting moment — receiving a discount and payment by tokens for occupations in gyms and buying sports food and stock in specialized outlets.

The company has their own tokens — GYM, that is created on the basis of the most popular of blockchain Ethereum. It says that it is absolutely easily integrated on any third-party exchange that can give an additional incentive for holders and miners.
The GYMREWARDS company plans to carry out primary placement of coins on ICO. But they have one interesting moment with which they are distinguished from the others, — for sale only 10% of coins of the total amount will be placed. Such low volume is caused by the absolutely simple condition, — 73% of coins still should be mined! That is pre-mining makes 27% from which the team of developers keeps only 5%. Another 5% will be reserved for unforeseen expenses. Other 7% is allocated for remunerations of social activity and airdrop.

This project is unique because of the system of the proof in the network: “Proof of Exercise” (POE). At the moment it is the only one project like that. It is unique that nobody will be able to manipulate system having a lot of money. It is simply impossible. Miners, in the systems Proof of Work or Proof of Stake, have “forces” for manipulation in the market. In the project you should revise previously the movie “Forest Gump” and to repeat his feat) Maybe you will be able to affect somehow on token price in the market. But do you really need that if you are handsome, lean, athletic and popular young man?

Maybe we will begin with the purchase of tokens?

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