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The lack of control in the cryptocurrency market also gives a lack of the confidence and guarantees in investing. Only a small percentage of projects carried out by ICO are knocked out in the TOP. Some of us have faced with the projects that have not realized its plans and we as investors have suffered losses. I can say from my own experience that you can be never confident in 100% almost. There are too many criteria for selecting a project should be taken into account, and if the project promises to be successful, such ICOs are held in a few minutes and collect tens of millions of dollars. We learned to diversify on our own experience, but in view of the fact that every day from 3 to 10 projects are carried out, you will not have enough physical strength to analyze each of them. I understand with 100% confidence that our market needs to be sanitized and cleaned. For this we need third-party projects that will undertake the responsibility to analyze the forthcoming ICO.

Such a company already exists. It presents to us analytics from the specialists and enables investors and allows to the project, and also to the the analyst to take part. This project is called Smart Valley. The title fully gives us to understand that this project includes only those to whom the head needs not only for eating.


This project allows you to navigate in the upcoming and current ICO. You do not need to be an expert, the evaluation will be held for you. In simple terms, you no longer have to compare the project with competitors, study technical papers, Whitepaper, look for information about the creators of the project. The evaluation takes place on 10 criteria after applying for scoring. The projects with the risk of a scam are eliminated at the first stage. That is, any project that is on this site deserves attention in one way or another. And, depending on the points you have, you can choose the most favorable ratio of the project quality, team, vision and opportunities.

Undoubtedly this is what is necessary for the recovery of the market. At the same time, if you use this site and diversify the risks, you will get an almost guaranteed increase in your deposit. On the other hand, any project that wants to raise the necessary funds to implement the idea can get into the list of companies. This will give an additional influx of investors. In addition, it is extremely useful to estimate your project from outside, learn the opinions of experts and, if it is necessary reinforce the weaknesses.

The creator of the project, Alexander Voronin, lives in Moscow. He is also the founder of the ICOFund project, the fund for investing in the cryptocurrencies. The page on Facebook is full, lots of interesting photos. Alexander is the speaker of the project ["Transformation2"] (

You can see an interesting video with Alexander on stage.

The link on VKontakte is broken, or the page is deleted. I wanted to ask him a few questions, but….) If someone thought about writing on Facebook, it would not work, because you can only subscribe to updates. In general, this person is interesting enough, the media - person. According to the information from Facebook he studied in Skolkovo. As you understand, the page contains links to Smart Valley, which means that this is really the founder of the project.

In September, 2018 it is planned the full launch of the platform. It's soon enough.
It’s own SVT token will be the only way to get into "Free Token Place". In the image, you see the movement of funds under Scoring the next project. Any project has the opportunity to pay scoring in the Ethereum or its own tokens. For example, $ 20,000 was taken. If you pay attention, we see 100,000$ sent to "Free Token Place". This is the script with the payment of the project's own tokens. In this case, the company must make the contribution equal to five times the initial cost. Then the most interesting happens.

Having the SVT token, you have the right to receive free scores of scoring companies. Payments will be made in the equivalent of the SVT tokens you have submitted. The system will "freeze" your SVT for the certain period (at the moment = 1 month). After separating the tokens of the trusted project, your tokens will continue to be in pending (wait) until the end of the time allotted for that. Once your tokens are unlocked, you will again be able to participate in the distribution of the tokens of the trusted projects. For those who probably did not understand - this is a free distribution for holders of Smart Valley tokens.

I think that the project is interesting for its idea! If you follow the links below, you will learn a lot of interesting things! For example, about the Crowd-Funding on the platform to attract investment (not ICO) or who can become an analyst for projects and how they receive the reward.

Thank you for attention.

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Very topical idea, I follow the project.

20.04.2018 12:19

With great pleasure I will use this platform for reliable investments, I advise others!

20.04.2018 16:12

Have you seen Skolkovo? It is a village in the world of high-tech cities

20.04.2018 17:09

Interesting idea and great team, thx you for a recommendation.

20.04.2018 19:37

Great project idea! I'll keep an eye on him. Thanks for the review!

21.04.2018 05:56

This project must be quite useful for investors.

21.04.2018 22:16

I agree! I am also an investor and the project is very necessary for all of us!

27.04.2018 11:46

Меня очень заинтересовал проект, я считаю, что инвестировать в него можно смело

23.04.2018 14:35