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Currently, the gaming industry is preparing a real "coup". By now, users purchase games through the intermediaries. In the future, developers will be able to provide their developments directly to users through the special platform –

The final version of the new format of the cooperation on the Ultra platform will be presented to the public in 2019. The purpose of this Playground is make more accessible and cheap game resources. By purchasing games through this community, user will be able to save about 20% passing intermediaries.
On the Ultra Ultra platfortm developers and users get a number of privileges.

  • First, the work of the site will be based on the blockchain technology, which will significantly increase the profitability of the games. In comparison with similar platforms, Ultra will increase developers by 1.5-2 times.
  • Secondly, users will be able to resell the games and get access to the new games AAA.

The speed of distribution of the new game resources on the basis of the new community will increase. Platform members will be able to access game innovations within minutes of their purchase, thanks to the use of the unique software to download the campaign.

In the Ultra Ultra system, developers will be able to promote their own products more effectively by creating information blogs, chats, forums. In addition, the blockchain technology will allow testing new games with the help of tokens, revealing their vulnerable zones and shortcomings.

The creators of Ultra Ultra note that this platform will be able to transfer game materials from other sites (Xbox, Steam, etc.). The developers are confident that Ultra Ultra will become an unprecedented leader in the gaming industry, which will be able to provide direct and more profitable interaction between developers and users.

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