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INSPEM The video analytics revolution for people tracking based on blockchain technology


Hi steemian writing this time I will share information about INSPEM a service that allows users to find others, this service started in introduction in 2015. By 2016, INSPEM using artificial intelligence technology is forming a new vision of reaching a multibillion market that is able to apply video analysis based on nerve tissue learning for the fastest and most effective face recognition. The large scale of the INSPEM service allows searching on every corner of the Earth.

INSPEM can receive video data (the world's largest data generator) from millions of camera users worldwide installed in government facilities, public transport, commercial buildings and on the road. By 2020, the total number of cameras on the planet should reach 1 billion, according to NVIDIA's prognosis. The worldwide volume of video surveillance market is close to $ 30 billion.


With supercomputers for learning, Big Data employment and advanced video analysis enables INSPEM services to perform serious, noble and important tasks, including:
Provision of safety,
Direct involvement in criminal search,
Saving the lives of street people, becomes a more effective way to search for missing people.
And INSPEM services are also quick to react to events, which will be defined with artificial intelligence algorithms as emergencies, which require fast handling, such as:
Street fights (riots) and Someone has issued a weapon in a public place by sending a signal to the police.
The sick person who needs urgent help by sending an emergency signal to the ambulance.
Can call defibrillators that carry drones with special movements.


The INSPEM platform collaborating with the IT giants of the world will be able to build smart cities and make the city safer and reduce lost people's search time to a minimum, with the basic principle of finding someone without revealing their personal information, which is very important in most countries.

As the most effective and rational means for video analysis based on neural networks The INSPEM platform will use this miner's capacity in need as it reduces network loads caused by the lack of video cameras in certain areas, dead zones, poor video quality, etc. The INSPEM platform is compatible with a "smart" camera that can already perform major video processing and provides a ready-made face image.






Pre Sale [March 20, 2018 - April 16, 2018]
ICO [May 1, 2018 - May 28, 2018]

For more information on INSPEM projects, ICO INSPEM and INP Tokens please visit the links below:


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