Bounty company BEONBOX project, my opinion! What is bounty? Why am I with #Beonbox? How does it work?

Hi all comrades and the people captainvalor at least somehow related to the cryptocurrency world.
This article will be devoted to earning cryptocurrencies on the Internet, without investment !! Yes you heard right ladies and gentlemen. I myself in the past many times caught by the deception of liars and bred, now I found that Internet niche that I like and I feel confident of the correctness of my actions!!
It will be about "bounty" programs.
Certainly this name is often flashed in front of your eyes and you thought that this is some kind of nonsense, if you think so - you were wrong) in fact, it is quite the same kind of profitable earnings, which can be combined with the main work, paying for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening advertising projects in their social networks.
Yes, I want to warn you that in this field there are a lot of scams( Check projects better, learn more tryptomer , communicate with the right and experienced people in the crypto forums such as #BitcoinTalk and many others.
Moving closer to the subject will say what today will bring a great bounty of company project #BEONBOX
There are moments why I pay more attention to her than the rest of the others in my Arsenal, let's go... On the official page of the Beonbox project in the upper right corner you will see the "BOUNTY"button.SzKQDlRJuXU.jpg clicking on it will take you to the page with the description of the company's bounty rules and terms of cooperation snIgAN4Qg3U.jpg
We see a chart of the distribution of the advertising pool as a percentage, see photo B59BKi1DFYs.jpg
Then I advise you to carefully read the conditions of participation and make the decision!
Why do I participate in bounty #Beonbox
Firstly, it is very easy to understand what the project organizers and the team want from you in terms of work( everything is painted in detail in the rules) , I liked it very much.
Second-responsive managers, quick answers in Telegram chat project on my questions on work.
Thirdly, the token crediting for my work takes place within 24 hours, it pleases and adjusts to work, as you see the real result of your labors.
Fourthly - it is not necessary to fill in tables and write weekly reports at a certain time, just send daily reports with links to my work.It is very convenient!!
Fifth - I was pleasantly surprised that the project is already transferring tokens #BOX on the wallets of hunters, the team is good.
In conclusion, the project is steadily gaining momentum making great strides towards its success in the crypto industry, which I want to wish you, even greater profits and patience in everything))
With respect @xevi87
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