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Beonbox - my vision of the project.

Hi, everybody. Today I want to tell you about the Beonbox project, what it is and what its future success) Go...
To begin to tell how I met the offspring.
Harrowing the expanse of the Internet in search of worthy, in my opinion, promising ICO startups and projects that have already existed before , I noticed a noticeable "Red Dragon" , it was on the ICObench website , Yes it is there!! 47747445.jpg

Most people in any way associated with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the like pay their attention to the rating of expertise of this site. And who can tell me what is expertise ? Who is the expert they have? For what they are and who pays? Okay, my point is, I think you understand, we're not gonna make it. Resume. .
So, rating him there 2.9 ))) Well, I can only say that any estimate was not there and roughly speaking this figure as "figure," no evidence that assessment is not!
Open the project description and it says the following:

"BeonBox inherits and develops the Ethereum technology platform, the open source P2P speeds up all transactions quickly, minimizes risk, increases high security and does not attract third parties.BeonBox has a clearly transparent development plan. All versions of Purse BeonBox are fully relevant where the customers can ensure the security of the wallets or easy it is to trade on the global markets. BeonBox covers 4 types of platforms and these platforms will be released after the ICO in stages. This Exchange Platform, the Platform trade shop, lending Cashback and finally, the gaming Platform. The services are intended for all Internet users from all countries. Users of the Beonbox platform will receive a quality product, and BeonBox payment will make these products more attractive and popular among users."

Description more than plausible, moreover, the idea and ambition of the project surprised me and pleased)) 4 types of platform development in different directions, such as :

Beonbox exchange platform

The demand for currencies is growing now and there are many exchange services on the market, but their platform and operating conditions do not meet the needs of the trader, and also charge large commissions.Our exchange service will cover 8 popular cryptocurrency pairs at the initial stage and all of them will be connected to the token BOX. Without any problems you can buy and sell currencies with our modern platform. In a month we plan to add Fiat currencies. 2018-03-31_08-24-00.png

BEONBOX trading platform

Online stores today have a turnover of several million dollars, and this is a great opportunity for both sides of this business. We will launch our BeonBox store and there will be many official retail stores of the world's popular brands. This Platform will be easy to use on both PC and smartphone. The main currency will be BOX tokens, which are convenient to make p2p and P2B transactions in just a few seconds. 2018-03-31_08-22-05.png

Cashback lending

Since the online stores have a large audience of buyers, they need promotions and bonuses at the time of purchase. Our Cashback credit service will help both sellers and buyers to benefit from The service. Box owners can invest money for 10 days and the daily interest rate will be 0.97%. Sellers will get that money to buy a large number of products for sale in popular online stores and they will refund the money as they will sell surplus products. 2018-03-31_08-25-25.png

Gaming service

Finally, our wonderful product launches game service. As you know, the gaming industry remains in the top among the profitable industries, and with the right algorithm and marketing we will get a huge audience. He will be in online mode, and gamers will be able to buy equipment and gaming tools with the help of our box of tokens. Our strategic partners in the gaming industry are really famous and we will work with them to create a global big game brand. 2018-03-31_08-26-03.png

Agree, very interesting areas of work of the project, ideas and a product very necessary both for the inhabitant and for the professional are chose.

After I opened the "White paper" and got acquainted with it in detail -

All the details, informative and without "water and sand", nothing more, everything is accessible and understandable.

Next, I examined the description of the token #BOX , not to be wordy here a screen from the project website:
75% of tokens will be allocated for public purchase
5% takes the project team Beonbox
20% allocated to the advertising company ( I will write about this in a separate blog)

Very interesting point that I noticed he hit me in the eye and haunted for a long time, is the fact that only draft issued 8,000,000 BOX. Agree, it is very little in comparison with other projects. From this it follows that the value of this token will be great and those who want to use the services of the Beonbox project will need this token for purchases or exchanges on the platform, and its price will only grow from year to year) That those owners who studied the project and bought tokens during the sale (March 20 - may 15) will be happy. There is something to ponder, do you think?))

After the token is sold within two weeks, it is planned to enter very well-known exchanges such as( see photo):

The project team is very experienced people in this field, with years of experience and practice!!
In General, who are interested in the project and want to learn more about it, welcome to their official website - There you will find all the information you need and get the advice of project specialists personally)
Contact links for information :

Website :
ICO page:
Bounty page :
Twitter ➖
Instagram ➖
Bitcoin Talk :
Bounty Thread :
Email ➖,

Thank you for your attention and before the early meetings) if you have questions write under the blog, we will disassemble..
With respect..

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