Any English Speaking users?

Hey Golos users! I haven't been on golos much lately. But it's mostly because I can't really find many users who speak in English. I do understand a very limited amount of Russian, but not nearly enough to read whole posts. I would really like to be more involved in the Golos community, and I would like to be more active. But I'd like to find more English users to interact with before doing so. Because it's really hard to comment on something I don't understand, or post something that barely anyone would understand.. Anyways, I hope that with this post ai will find more users to interact with. I really like this platform and I would love it so much more if I would be able to understand more users..

Thank you for reading!
Hope to see you soon.

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no one :D

15.04.2018 23:40

Hi there!
I guess there is no point to look for any English speaking users here. Most of the people here speak Russian only and even if someone is good enough at English, he or she would still prefer to post in Russian too. Just in order not to lose the audience, you know.
So once you want to get really involved, you have to learn Russian, there is no other way.

16.04.2018 01:24

I know a little bit of Russian, but my vocabulary is very weak.. I would need to learn a lot of words.. I know a bit of grammar and a few words and I know how to read Cyrillic letters but I'm still not very good.. Thank you for the suggestion

17.04.2018 03:06

Okay, here's another tip for you. Many of Russians here are not much better at Russian grammar than you are. Such people prefer to post pictures and memes too.
In any case, I'd be glad to see more English speaking users here. I love both Russian and English very much.

17.04.2018 03:32

There are some english-speaking users actually. @broncnutz, @gtg, some others.

16.04.2018 08:57

Привет @xeleos
Отличная статья! Я проголосовал за неё, а также подписался на твой блог.
Надеюсь на взаимную подписку!
Ссылка на мой блог - @jordanuttos
Успехов тебе!

16.04.2018 21:52

@xeleos Hello Xeleos. The reason of absence of English users is simple - interface complete Russian. Moreover too hard to find platform if you never heard about it - so everybody with English are at Steemit. Anyway we write in English but our topic too specialized and concerning our activity. Regards!

11.08.2018 20:31