Overview of the Worldopoly project!

Hello, dear friends! We will touch on today the topic of games, but not quite ordinary ones, but created with the use of blocking technology. And we will talk about the game Worldopoly.

Worldopoly is an AR game, which, thanks to the blockbuster, gives the gameplay a model of the real economy. AR - augmented reality, adapted for mobile devices (see applications on iOS, for example). Greater realism is achieved by using Google Maps in the game.

The game has a very close interaction of players. The behavior of the user depends on how he will receive his income.

You can be neutral in relation to others, walk in strange streets and get for it in-game currency, and also manage to collect those coins that others have not yet collected.

Aggressive behavior is also rewarded: it is possible, with the purchase of special items of vandalism, to destroy other people's buildings, and for greater effect to unite with like-minded people.

Innovation in the gaming industry

A small summary of the description of the project under consideration: it is a virtual reality, a blockade and even geo-positioning. This is a unique game process that is not yet available to other developers. While many companies are trying to do one thing, Worldopoly combines everything together and creates a project that is winning already at the stage of concept creation. Do not even doubt that it will only get better.

The full presence in the game, the safety of money and player data, real cities and streets - all this is "Worldopoly"!

Friendly players can trade with other players in the in-game market, join together to finance very large buildings and create political movements that will affect the economic situation as a whole.

Worldopoly brings to you a one time opportunity to invest and sit in the comfort of your zone to play games and enjoy real money with WPT. Private sale are ongoing and you don't want to miss that. join Wordopoply now. You can visit any of the links provide below and invest in Worldopoly.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Worldopoly
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldopoly
Telegram: https://t.me/worldopoly
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Worldopoly.de
Whitepaper: https://worldopoly.io/Worldopoly-Whitepaper-ICO.pdf
Website: https://ico.worldopoly.io 

Profil link: <> 

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