As all of you know, in this day and age there is nobody who does not watch tv in their daily life. Well, how effective and properly do we use the television? Most of the individuals are not able to find a program or channel according to their interests and needs although they like watching television while leaning their back. Actually, there is a reality that TV networks misuse themarket power to earn money over advertisers. Therefore they force people to pay a monthly subscription fees for watching what they want. In the meantime, some of the tech giants like Google, Facebook and Netflix have created a closed place for themselves and conduct their business in a closed book. Of course they request a fee for their broadcast as the others. When we take all of these into consideration neither the consumer nor the advertiser is satisfied with the function of TV. At this very moment I want to introduce you TV-TWO which is an application for Smart Tvs. 

 TV-TWO is a new portal to regular programs with a personalized video stream that you can reach with a push at the remote control as simple as changing a channel. In other words you can use the TV-TWO application within your television and it will be an open platform, which means you as a consumer will have the chance to interact directly with the content providers and advertisers without a mediator. Thus, you will be able to set your own video stream without subscription costs. Moreover, the TV-TWO presents you the Token for Television (TTV) as the currency in this new TV ecosystem for the users, advertisers and content providers. Advertisers should use the TTV to buy views for their sponsored videos and the Token for Television will be presented to the community in a crowdsale. In the crowdsale especially advertisers should be interested with the TTV so that they can find a sponsored reach on the Big Screen. Each token has the reserved right and only the consumers that use the platform can increase the value of the token. Also, the users can get TTV by watching sponsored videos sent by advertisers. If he wants to earn more token, he can share anonymous videos with the advertisers and content providers. Furthermore, the content providers are rewarded by TTV for presenting original videos. In this circumstance, this cycle of mutual profit gratifies every individual in the platform. After all of these, you can store your TTV tokens in your wallet that you have form in the platform while you are installing the TV-TWO applicaiton. Because in this TV-TWO application no other currencies are used, when you get the TTV, you can convert it into FIAT or any cryptocurrencies for storing value. 

 Blockchain technology is above all decentralization. Decentralization frees users and gives maximum power of expression. The blockchain is the future and will soon bring down all monopolies, making services increasingly cheaper and more efficient. On blockchain Ethereum, using the ERC20 token, TTV, the project of the TV-TWO team, a German platform that is making a name for itself, is spinning because it aims to revolutionize the television world.The great players of broadcasting and TV networks, today, retain the power to decide prices and contents, while at the same time influencing the mass to their liking, and thus conserving a strong political power. What would happen if each user could be free to view the content he wanted? 

 The revolution starts from this simple question. In fact, giving the power to each to create their own TV and, on the other hand, to see the desired content, the mechanism of the monopoly is destroyed in a moment. And this is possible simply by installing an application on your smart-TV. The TV-TWO App gives everyone the opportunity to select the desired content, view it in streaming and, at the same time, earn TTV tokens for displaying advertising. Tokens can be exchanged in any Exchange with other crypto-coins or with current (fiat) currency. 

 Power is thus distributed to all content creators, whose selection will be based on views and interactions with the public. Furthermore, advertising companies will benefit from a unique opportunity, because they will correctly direct their content to a more appropriate audience, optimizing the budget, given the elimination of the monopolists. 

Name: Token for Television (TTV)
Private presale: White list required
Public Crowdsale: April 24 - May 24, 2018
Soft cap: 2,500 ETH
Hard cap: 50,000 ETH
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 10,000 TTV
Cancel exchange rate: 1 TTV = 0.0001 ETH
Token Supply for Crowdsale: 500,000,000
Any ETH committed beyond 90% of the dura
will be closed for two years in a smart
contract. The smart contract stabilizes the
TTV price through automatic purchase
of the chips, in case the market price
below the issue price.PRODUCTS
1 * Install the TVTWO app on your Smart TV and synchronize the wallet to your other devices2 * See broadcast and your letterhead streaming video to collect TOKEN for Television (TTV)3 * Check your symbolic balance and exchange TTV for Bitcoin, Ether or FiatCrowdsale
We will use the new and improved retail standard of the Interactive Currency Offer (OIC) to guarantee a fairer and more transparent allocation process.Crowdsale Interactive Coin Offering ModeDistribution of TOKEN 

 Soft Cap 2,500 ETH
hard cover 50,000 ETH
Exchange rate 1 ETH = 10,000 TTV
Cancel exchange rate 1 TTV = 0.0001 ETH
Supply of chips for Crowdsale 500,000,000
Launch of the sale 24 April 2018
Withdrawal block May 17, 2018
Sale Completion 24 May 2018Useful Links 

 Website: https://tv-two.com/

White paper: https://tv-two.com/TV_Whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tvtwocom

Twitter: https: //twitter.com/tvtwocom

ANN topic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2895348.0

Author: XestH 



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