In the past, advertising and marketing was done on the print i.e. Newspaper, magazines, etc. but with the advent of the internet, everything has gone digital. Internet advertising and marketing has now become the major platform for most companies to market their products and services to potential consumers. The growth of this industry continues to double on a yearly basis and it is expected to expand to the value of $330bn by 2020. Many have thought of how to earn money through online marketing and digital advertising but it is either they don’t have the resources or they don’t have the skills to promote campaigns. This is why the promoters of Crest token who have been in the industry for over 10 years have decided to take advantage of the digital advertising and marketing market potential to enable users maximize passive income on advert and marketing by combining blockchain technology (cryptocurrency) and Artificial Intelligence. CREST TOKEN developed a user friendly app called DigiAd which is a one-click application that runs on independent Ad servers which helps to determine which ads will come in handy at a stipulated tome for a particular consumer using real-time, historical data and up-to-date website tracking. The platform guarantees security & privacy, cloud data storage, external integration, payment gateway and authentication protocol and will focus on some industries such as health/beauty, gaming, financial services, retail and technology.HOW IT WORKS
As a new user, you need to register to have a crest account and you’ll be provided with your personal ICO dashboard. Once logged in, follow the instructions on your ICO dashboard. All you have to do is deposit ETH or BTC to the address provided on your dashboard. Then you will be given your CSTT tokens which is compatible to your ERC20 wallet and Voila!!! You’re done. It’s that simple.THE UNIQUE FEATURES OF THE CREST TOKEN PLATFORM
• Minimum Viable Product Release (MVP)
• 24hrs communication
• No funds hold
• Generous bounty
• Volatility-proof business model
• ICO allocation
• Buyback & token burnTOKEN DETAILS
The CSTT token is a utility token based on Ethereum ERC20 token standard issued via smart contract and used to run many different advertising and marketing campaigns and other transactions on the platform. Other currencies accepted on the platform are Ethereum and Bitcoin. The pre-sale is ongoing now and the date of the main ICO will be communicated soon. With the total token supply of 12,500,000 CSTT. The minimum cap is 20 CSTT while the maximum cap is 1500 CSTT depending on the round.TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 

 51.20%- Main ICO
36.80%- Staking Reserve
8%- Pre Sale ICO
4%- Bounty ReserveFUND DISTRIBUTION 

October 2017: Research/ Model Development Starts
December 2017: ICO Development Starts
May 2018 Pre-Sale ICO Starts
July 2018: Main ICO Starts
August 2018: Staking Platforms Opens
August 2018: Internal exchange Opens Campaign Platform Opens First External Exchange Opens Platform Marketing Campaign Starts
September 2018: More External Opens
October 2018: Stage 2 Plans Begins 

Ben Sanders – Project Lead
Erin Cotter – Online Marketing Head
Aleksander Djordjevic – Senior Software Developer
Nihal Patel – Blockchain Developer
Angela Brasington – Senior Marketing Strategist
Dean Matthew Lapinid – Lead Community Manager
Chad Copeland – Creative Designer
Annah Todd – Digital Marketing Consultant 

 Crest token digiad platform is set to revolutionize online advertising and marketing industry. Join us toay and enjoy the rewards of crest token. For more information please visit the website and connect with other users on the social media platforms listed below:

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