What exactly interesting is in HPQ project?

High Purity Quartz (HPQ) Platform: dealers in industrial commodity.

High Purity Quartz (HPQ) is the basic material for electronic, optical, lighting and solar (PV) industries. It is used in solar elements, semiconductors, optical fibers, lenses, crucibles, telecommunications and a necessary element for the production of modern gadget  like mobile phones.

Quartz, also known as silicon dioxide or silica, SiO2, is one of earth’s most abundant minerals and occurs in many different geological settings. It is best-known for its use in glass manufacturing, but also has uses across a variety of industries requiring differing levels of SiO2 content.HPQ is usually a white powder. It can be defined as having at least 99.995% SiO2 content.

However, the main focus is always on the non-SiO2 content of the quartz. HPQ is the basic material for electronic, optical, lighting and solar (PV) industries. It is used in solar elements, semiconductors, optical fibres, lenses, crucibles, telecommunications, etc.

  • Sales – customers are waiting to purchase the product – the demand is over 20 times higher than initial production capacity so we have a great opportunity to grow
  • Technology – ready to use and tested production technology
  • Team – strong team for the project implementation
  • Place – industrial park location has been finalized
  • Financials – full understanding of the financial model for the project
  • Plan – strong business model to become a major player in the market

Solar industry

  • The total amount of solar power added worldwide rose by approximately 50% in 2016, and is expected to continue growing. Global solar power capacity is now up at 350W, up from 50GW in 2010
  • EU countries have agreed on a new 2030 Framework for climate and energy, including EU-wide targets of at least a 27% share of renewable energy consumption.
  • Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has fixed the country’s renewable energy target at 22–24% by 2030.
  • China’s total solar PV capacity now exceeds the government’s 2020 goal of 105GW, set in 2016.
  • India has set itself a target of 100 GW of solar power by 2022.
  • Arab countries (UAE, Kuwait) are developing their own solar energy projects.


  • Stable growth 3-5% yearly. About half of silicon wafers production (45%) is in Japan and Taiwan.
  • According to Research.Techart, based on EPIA data in 2015, demand for polysilicon reach ed 37 - 58 thousand ton / year.

Company needs: minimum USD1,650,000 financing to start our production line.

For what (soft cap): To start the 1st 500 TPA (ton per year) production line for IOTA-4 quartz – workshop, equipment, laboratory, raw materials and reagents, labor, other direct expenses.

What will we do if we raise more than the soft cap:

  1. Increase production capacity. We need to grow many times (at least 20x) just to meet the existing demand in the market. Increased capacity will also allow us to further reduce production cost.
  2. Add additional production line for lower purity HPQ (IOTA-STD) which also has a large market and strong demand from our buyers.

Our offer for investors:

  • Commodity-backed tokens equal to certain amount of physical product with large discounts
  • Buyback guarantee with predefined prices and schedule
  • Ability to redeem tokens for physical product (for users or re-sellers)


  1. Website: \[https://hpq.io\]
  2. Whitepeper; \[https://hpq.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/HPQ-Whitepaper-2018.pdf\]
  3. Facebook: \[https://www.facebook.com/hpq.io/\]
  4. Twitter: \[https://twitter.com/hpqio\]
  5. Telegram: \[https://t.me/hpqico\]
  6. LinkedIn: \[https://www.linkedin.com/company/hpq-ico/\]
  7. YouTube: \[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs6esUFOUjmF9W5SIM_TlYQ\]
  8. Thread: \[https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3330710.0\]

Author: \[https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2128758\]

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