VIVA decentralized system: optimizing the purchase of housing

All previously arising problems in real estate are able to solve the project Viva Network.

This is a modern development, which in the future will be able to solve a variety of problems with the purchase and sale of real estate. Also, thanks to the use of modern technologies, this process is greatly improve.

About project / platform VIVA:

  • The platform uses a proprietary smart contract. And it is powered via a powerful crowdlending platform, made up of the most advanced technology that will enable homebuyers the ability to obtain real fiat currency and home loans.
  • The platform seeks to revolutionize the outdated mortgage lending industry by cutting off intermediaries and decentralization processes, thereby applying the latest solutions and approaches to financing, which in principle are more accessible and transparent, and are also safe.
  • The project team believes that Viva technology will increase the availability of loans for borrowers and for the first time will allow non-institutional investors to participate in consecutive sales and be backed by assets related to mortgage investments, products traditionally reserved exclusively for large financial institutions.

Features of VIVA application: data analytics tools.

  • graphs

    -risk rating

    -risk duration

    -IRR etc.

    -portfolio recommendations and
  • automation

    all available to an average investor.


\- Blockchain-oriented

Mission-critical info, transactions and appraisals will be endorsed by blockchain technology. Ethereum intelligent contracts and BigchainDB at our Core empower decentralization in an extremely stable, resilient, transparent, and trust-less atmosphere.

\- Robust Microservice APIs

Built by software engineers specializing in architecting large scale Financial enterprise systems, also a RESTful service oriented architecture will allow the Viva Network to adapt to changing industry trends and chances with ease.

\- 3rd Party FinTech Integration

Built to accelerate alternate finance trends by seeking integration with complimentary suppliers from credit rating to generalized blockchain strength portfolios.

\- AI/ML Constructed

Embracing Machine Learning abilities to provide insights and Tips, The Viva Network will enable clients like never Earlier, from risk classification to fractionalized mortgage portfolio Finance placement and selection.

\- Cloud Scalability

Built to harness elastic cloud scalability through containerization in Preparation for large scale adoption of this stage, this may enable Low Latency, high-throughput fractionalized mortgage trading using high Availability.

\- Bigdata Ready

The Viva Network Platform will utilize AWS For an infrastructure capable of processing vast amounts of loan, Real estate, and trading pattern data sets for machine-learning analytics. That will evolve a uniquely intelligent platform.

Token & ICO:

Viva network uses VIVA Tokens as their official currency which is backed by Ethereum network. This will be the currency which would be used in platform transactions. The total number of tokens will be distributed among the platform participants as follows.

  • 75% will be distributed through ICOs. The pre-ICO is now open. Participants can earn 30% bonus in pre-sale.
  • 5% will be distributed to the team while 3.5% distributing among the advisors
  • 10% will be reserved for future users
  • Remaining 3.75% will be utilized for marketing purposes

Viva Tokens : 3,000,000,000

Start Date : April 1st, 2018

End Date : April, 10th 2018

Bonus Tokens : 40%

Round Cap : 25,000,000

Viva Tokens : 500 ETH

50000 Viva : 1 ETH


The roadmap:

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