VIARIUM platform: Invest in a reliable blockchain-based system


Virtual reality and blockchain technology will play a great role in mass adoption of this new technologies. VIARIUM is a tool that will completely replace physical space. VIARIUM consists of a single virtual space that includes VR worlds and VR architecture of shopping centers, separate buildings, showrooms and other VR models created by the VIARIUM platform.


The technologies of combining the two technologies where each technology optimizes the other processes. virtual reality faces the challenge of enormous computing and graphical power to render its processes and blockchain technology provide a solution by providing cloud computing options and distributed ledger technology to store its data.


  • US RV Infrastructure for Business and Entertainment
  • Resistance class system
  • You can connect your own server
  • VR industry giant works with Viarium for 4 years
  • Make sure the security of your business uses blockchain technology
  • You can create your own virtual world

The project participants take the unique advantage of launching and developing their own points of sale and even entire virtual worlds. Soaring sales aside, extra revenues can be earned through the use of an internal token, VRX. Blockchain technology underlies the economic architecture within the created virtual reality. The use of a decentralized ledger allows one to keep records of property rights, ensure transparency of server capacity payments and easily execute smart contracts and other processes.

The platform is designed to reach the widest possible audience: investors, developers of VR-content; small business owners; science fiction and art fans; real estate development firms, healthcare and shipbuilding companies as well as individual buyers. Exhibitions, galleries and even whole cities will be readily available for users to create and attend. VIARIUM is a tool that will completely replace physical venues.

The foundation space is very unlimited and can be extended to the desired limit from time to time.
Consider only a few points in the field of economic activity, highlighting the main objects of the world:

  • Every owner of a piece of land in cyberspace can use it according to his own decision and make a virtual company or use it for non-commercial purposes as the owner. website.
  • Direct users are those who use land for various purposes based on contracts.
  • Viewers are those who do not use technology to make a project or business, but may be in the world.

Dates: 16.07 - 09.09.2018

“Participants included in Whitelist will be able to purchase VRX tokens at a price of $ 0.05 and get bonuses of up to 50% in tokens.

Viarium is a unique platform that combines a network of virtual space and augmented reality for the sale of goods and services. 

Sell your products and shop at VR malls and showrooms in the world of Viarium. 

Get your income and share some new opportunities with your friends, family and the whole world!

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