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Ubcoin Marketplace is the next generation trading platform

Ubcoin Marketplace - the next leap forward for Ubank, leading mobile payments app in Eastern Europe. Now with Ethereum blockchain, exchange-traded UBC cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer smart contracts for buying goods for cryptocurrency. Ubcoin Market will become part of Ubank app as a new feature.

Ubcoin Marketplace is a global mobile marketplace for buying and selling real world goods for cryptocurrency.The number of cryptocurrency holders is projected to increase nearly 10-fold, from the current 22 million to 200 million worldwide by 2020. The simplest way to become an owner of cryptocurrency is by selling goods for crypto. This approach will drive mass adoption in the coming years.Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is around $400 billion. There is a great demand to spend that wealth by buying real world goods for crypto.Nearly half of all online buying and selling activity now occurs in marketplaces, while mobile commerce will soon surpass web commerce as global smartphone penetration reaches 37% of world’s population by 2020.

Features of this platform are:

• This global site employs blockchain technology and Ethereum compatible tokens.

• This will create smart contracts for the peer to peer system

• Sellers would be interested in receiving payment in the regime of crypto currency, and this will attract buyers who have crypto currency tokens in their wallets.

• Buyers will be asked to make transactions in the crypto currency, and they will not need to choose between the digital and fiat currencies.

• Smart contract technology ensures that transactions are safe, seamless, transparent, enforceable and decentralized.


• Minimum of intermediaries. With the help of the application, the number of participants participating in the sales process is minimized as much as possible. Now this process happens P2P, according to the terms of the smart contract.

• Legal protection. The company takes maximum measures for the legitimacy of goods and services on the Ubcoin market. Profiles of sellers will be checked, and any potential violations will be excluded.

• Decentralization. The appendix provides that the initiation, settlement and execution of transactions will be recorded in the block. Thus, all the necessary information will always be available, and, very importantly, no one can change it.

• Interface. The interior of the application is designed taking into account the best world trends, and is designed to create the most convenient conditions for both the seller and the buyer.

Ubcoin cuts through the hype with a sound application utilizing new revolutionary technology to bridge the gap between crypto and the real world. Investors are not betting on an unknown invention or just an idea. The value stems from an experienced team and a transparent business model solving a real problem and capturing a tangible opportunity that no one knows better than the crypto investors.

Ubcoin Marketplace seizes the following opportunities :

• How to use cryptocurrency for real world purchases?
• How to obtain cryptocurrency for a newbie mass consumer?

Token details:

ICO will be held from 2 April till 27 August.
Token: UBCname: UBCoin
31% Reserve Pool 201 500 000 tokens max3
% Community Rewards 19 500 000 tokens max
4% Bounty Advisors 26 000 000 tokens max
12% Team Allocation 78 000 000 tokens max
45% Public Placement (ICO)
292 500 000 tokens max|
5% Limited

Private Pre-Sale 32 500 000 tokens max.
Native to ecosystemProprietary UBC tokens power our peer-to-peer marketplace ecosystem. Smart contracts will not accept any other cryptocurrency.Fee discountsUBC token holders will receive discounts on fees. Discounts will be linked proportionally to the size of their UBC holdings. This generates an incentive for clients to buy and hold UBC.Token buyback programUp to 10% of Ubcoin’s net operating profits are diverted to a token buyback program in order to promote the stability of the UBC.Reserve poolA significant portion of tokens will be set aside for growing business, and to ensure that no new tokens enter into circulation at prices lower than the prices during the initial Token Sale.Anti-dumping measuresStrong anti-dumping prevention mechanisms.Token burn program 5% of Ubcoin fees from user transactions are burned to reduce the token supply as business grows.

ICO sale is needed by any blockchain project to earn revenues for developing the project itself. The name of Ubcoin token is UBC. There UBC token sale is divided into two parts. The first one is the private presale which is limited to only investors with minimum purchase 5 ETH. This sale has ended since 31 March 2018. The second one is the public token sale which began on 2 April. This sale is open to the public. The sale will end on 14 July 2018.



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