TRUSTABIT – Solution Blockchain For Delayed Flight

This is a web video we made for client's called Trustabit. Trustabit Uses Block Chain Technology with smart contracts to issue vouchers automatically to customers when flights are delayed. 

  • There is no easy way to claim a voucher after your flight is canceled or delayed.
  • Complaints about aviation services rose 70% in April 2017 from a year earlier.
  • A negative customer experience will devalue your brand perception.


  1. Confidence: Your customers will start believing your business will improve things quickly, easily and safely.
  2. Smart contract: By using. Can not be eliminated at all.
  3. Safe: TrustaBit uses a personal unity where all participants can know.

Why Would An Airline Want TrustaBit?

Because it could mean the loss of existing customers, and the difference between the new through their recommendations. This may be someone they choose to enroll in another loyalty program or the purpose of their flights with other airlines each other reason. It is also the company more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. TrustaBit doing wrong by airlines to pay passengers immediately provide consistency. It is never seen in the industry and much needed. 

By using our software, we want to maintain the traveler's emotional connection with your airline. When you deploy TrustaBit to your environment, users can be compensated immediately based on defined business criteria. Vouchers will be sent to their email address immediately upon their flight. postponed or canceled without needing them to call into a call center or fill out a form. 

This will allow you to make decisions correctly when you first improve your brand loyalty.


Start Sale Start Date: February 5 11:00 PST

Pre-Sale End Date: February 12 11:00 PST

Pre-Sale Token Price: $ 0.05 USD (5 cents)

Main Token Sales Date: February 14 11:00 PST

Main Token For Sale: End March 15 11:00 PST

Token Utama Price: $ 0.10 USD (10 cents)

Initial Investor Token Price: $ 0.025 USD

Minimum contribution: 1 ETH

Token Date issued Two weeks after the main token sale

Token Symbol: TAB

Standard: ERC-223

Total TAB is available 1 billion

Soft cap: $ 3 Million USD

Cap Hard: $ 49 Million USD

Currency received: ETH

Bonus Sell Pre-Token 20%

Pre-Token Sale Bonus 20%

Week 1 Main Token Sale Bonus 15%

Week 2 Main Token Sale Bonus 10%

Week 3 Main Token Sale Bonus 5%

What happens with unsold tokens Unsold tokens will be burned 


\- Confidence: Your customers will begin to believe that your business will improve things quickly, easily and safely.

\- Smart contract: By using smart contracts based on chain blocks, costs are reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

\- Secure: TrustaBit uses a private block chain where all participants know that auditors can detect and track transactions.


  • Improve your brand's perception and brand loyalty with consumers.
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs of customer service.
  • Lower your churn rate while increasing revenue.
  • Create custom emails based on consumer behavior through marketing automation.
  • Use smart contracts and Blockchain technology to automatically email customer vouchers.


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