The revolution of customary everyday like - "LIKECOIN" blockchain!

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  •  The Problem: On the Internet, rewards and creativity are decoupled. The communities of freelance content creators and netizen journalists that produce high quality work are huge, but they are receiving Likes and not income for their work.
  • The Solution: LikeCoin aims to reinvent the Like by realigning creativity and reward. We enable attribution and cross-application collaboration on creative contents. With a reinvented Like button and our unique LikeRank algorithm, we trace content footprint and reward content creators by Proof of Creativity mechanism. 

  • Way of work & token analys:

In order for the public to browse the LikeCoin smart contract conveniently and to stay transparent, a mining section will be set up in to disclose detailed analytics of token distribution of the Creators Pool, including but not limited to: 1. How much LikeCoin was minted the day before, and historically since day 1. 2. How many contents received LikeCoin, and the average. 3. What content receive what amount of LikeCoin. 4. The latest PoC difficulty. 16 Content creators can access their own creative contents easily on, and receive detailed analytics of them. will also be served as a peer-to-peer payment site. Each content creator has his/her LikeCoin ID similar to a Twitter account. Users may transfer LikeCoin by a user-friendly web interface without owning ETH for gas. This is realized by the delegation function in LikeCoin smart contract, where LikeCoin Foundation serves as a proxy for transfer of LikeCoin token between users for Super Like and other peer-to-peer transfers. 

An ecosystem of collaborated content creation involves various elements and stakeholders. 

Their roles in the LikeCoin ecosystem are defined with the following example, where Alice takes A.jpg and upload to, Bob writes B.txt on, Carol adopts their work to become C.doc on; and finally, David shares A.jpg on 


Creative Content - this refers to the unique material published on the LikeCoin platform, each of which is represented by a different fingerprint ID; 

Content Creator - this is the individual who publishes creative content; 

Service Providers - this is a web application that has integrated the LikeCoin attribution protocol into the system, facilitating the reordering of awards and creativity; 

Derivative Works - this is content developed as a result of modification and / or a combination of other original content; 

Content Adopter - creator who developed derivative works.

Content Sources - creative content used in making derivative works; 

The Origin of Content - refers to the original creative content; 

Original Creator; 

Distributed Content - creative content published at the service provider without prior change; 

Content Distributors - the platform on which the content is distributed is used.

  • Token:

  •  LIKE is more than just a rewards token!
  1. When people are rewarded because of the likes they generate on their creative content, they are paid in LikeCoin’s own token, LIKE. However, this token has some features most people probably didn’t expect. \
  2. One of them is collaborative rewards, this means that if someone uses something you have created in order to create a new creative piece, you get some of the rewards that the one work generates, because you essentially own a part of it. 
  3. This means that you can really start raking in a lot of rewards if other users start using your work for their work. You can also enable payments of Like Coins, which means that people can directly pay you for your work, service or product in LIKE. Below is a graphic from LikeCoin that displays a scenario of how a single like can reward multiple entities because they all have a part in the liked product.

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