The Bitgoals platform: friendly interface for both experts and novices in sporting activities

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Can the blockchain improve your sports betting outcomes?

In 2018, sports bettors may never again need to bet under the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip or on offshore online betting destinations to wager on their favored games group. 

Across the nation, Casino and portable games wagering activities are preparing for business in the expectations the Supreme Court's very foreseen managing on authorizing sports wagering gets affirmed in June. Among the new games wagering arrangements, blockchain sports wagering stages offer games players the chance to enhance their chances and anticipations with usefulness at present delighted in by the expert trader. 

About Bitgoal project:

  • BitGoals is a blockchain based sports token platform for the sports fans which is handle by smart contracts.  
  • Platform users will be able to purchase official products with symbols and tickets for sporting events, finance their favorite teams and place bets on sporting events from anywhere in the world. Bitgoals will also provide a set of ready-made modules covering all aspects of sporting events. 
  • Using the tools and frameworks available, developers and companies will be able to collect ready-made module options and create their own applications. In addition, Bitgoals includes the provision of external module development by the community. 

BitGoals incorporate focuses to BitGoals (STP) and furnish the client with the dependability program. 

For the least cost with most extreme security. Notwithstanding the unwavering quality and low exchange cost, BitGoals utilizing the innovation of the square anchor to take out the agent, furnishing clients and accomplices with the outcome that bodes well. 

BitGoals provides a variety of sports betting, but none of them offer a unified community as a solution that can affect today's sports platform that will serve as a currency for all services in sports and gaming products, rather than having a team that is behind a lot of Projects that can provide experience and knowledge to create the best experience.

The Bitgreat platform will be based on its STP. The STP Token as requested as the appropriate place, ie 0.6 STP is for ETH, BTC or BCH, and 0.4 STP issued and all for Fota, Fund, and initial fund of Bank Ratio. 

Token Ticker – STP

Price Per One – $0.50 USD

Total Supply - 93.5 Million STP

Accepted Currency – BTC, ETH, BCH

Soft Cap – $500,000 USD.

Hard Cap – $55M USD. 

Token distribution

  • 50% – Group Stage
    • 35% – Round of 16
    • 25% – Quarter finals
    • 20% – Semi finals
    • 10% – Finals

Users can select any of the approved and supported sports activities in the BITGOALS PLATFORM which include; Football Basketball, Baseball, hockey, cricket, tennis, rugby, golf, boxing. Olympics, and horse riding.

This system offers many advantages to users :

  1. Sign up to participate in the picture
  2. Unlimited use of funds
  3. Payment instantly
  4. Anonymity
  5. Eliminate the risk of fraud
  6. Creation of a fast jackpot

The team behind Bitgoals consists of experts and professionals in the field of sport and sports gaming industry who understand the problems that the industry is faced with and believe that the fastest way to solve these issues is by integrating blockchain technology into the traditional gaming and betting platforms. 

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