SUBAJ - the perfect cryptocurrency platform!

SUBAJ-is a decentralized multi-commercial platform where companies and entrepreneurs can derive maximum benefit from their business!

Global Subaj Network forms a unique global blockchain ecosystem for online / offline payments, promotions, and reward-sharing programs using mobile-based methods. It is a distributed blockchain platform that creates a huge market where different types of companies, retailers, merchants and service providers can participate for their mutual benefits. 


  1. Insignificance of the existing reward systems.
  2. Lack of transparency between the merchants and customers.
  3. Absence of a mobile strategy to attract new customers.
  4. Lack of support to the Merchant and constant competitions.
  5. Poor mode of communication between the merchants and customers.

SOLUTIONS, offered by SUBAJ:

  1. Instant access to different types of offers, discounts and loyalty programs.
  2. A Transparent system where both merchants and customers interact and comunicate.
  3. GeoDrop Technologhy for instant customer engagement.
  4. Merchant will get an active support from a global community.
  5. Real-timw communication facility between merchants and customers.


  • The SUBAJ platform will act as a universal way of blocking rewards for various types of online and offline communities. Developing, it will form a giant network on the Internet and offline mode from hotels, sports clubs, shopping centers, event management agencies, taxi services, cosmetic brands, film franchises, chain stores and airlines, etc.
  • SBN is the first multi-commercial platform with its own infrastructure, designed specifically to enable organizations, entrepreneurs, retailers and companies to easily produce proprietary crypto currency for a mass consumer audience. 
  • Coupons for discounts will be "tokenized", as well as loyalty points and gift awards, and will be distributed among customers on the SUBAJ platform using geo-mapping technology. 

SUBAJ offers:

  1. Instant access to various types of offers, discounts and loyalty programs.
  2. A transparent system in which traders and customers interact and communicate.
  3. GeoDrop Technologhy for instant interaction with customers.
  4. Traders will receive active support from the world community.
  5. Real-time communication facilities between traders and customers.
  • The company also created its own charitable foundation, thanks to the charitable foundation SUBAJ they are trying to promote humanity by accepting various humanitarian projects. 
  • The purpose of the SUBAJ Foundation is to provide a better education system by creating schools and computer centers for the education of poor and disadvantaged children. 
  • In addition, the dissemination of information about computer and mobile technologies in socio-economically backward regions. SUBAJ provides better medical services through the opening of hospitals, clinics and medical centers in poor areas. 
  • It is planned to improve existing medical facilities by providing the equipment and tools needed to treat serious infectious diseases and, if necessary, providing a vaccine. 


-BThe tokens on subaj Global Network can be freely traded for SBJ, a public cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

\- The tokens of SBJ can be exchanged or traded for fiat currency anywhere in the world.

\- The rewards and incentives can be converted to real money is an edge against the unreliability and obsolete single point loyalty ecosystem. Customers utilize their 100% incentives on the platform. 

Token sales:

Token name: SJB

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: erk20 

  • Quantity: 1,000,000,000 SJB

    Beginning on: 06/18/2018

    Completion: 07/18/2018
  • Bonus:

    from 300 000 SJB 10%

    from 600 000 SJB 20%

    from 1,000,000 SJB 30%
  • ICO

    Quantity: 1 500 000 000 SJB

    Beginning: 7/19/2018

    Completion: 08/01/2018
  • Bonus:

    July 19-25 = 5%

    July 26-August 1 = 0%

The roadmap:

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