Serving the Global Automotive Industry: ALPHACAR

AlphaCar is Token Economy community, developed by the development team to serve the global automotive industry. It will be used by all consumers and commercial players.

A public blockbuster will record all transaction records among consumers and automated commercial players to create a selfless Token Economy community and value tokens from all members of the community contributing to the Token Economy community.

AlphaCar Technology Work Plan:

  • Blockchain Technology

For a secure transaction, AlphaCar uses a public Blockchain technology to record and keep all information between consumers and auto service providers. It ensures every user get rewarded for their engagement in the community. Due to the issues facing the existing Blockchain technology, the platform invented a data-on-chain dApp (a back-end software that requires no real-time implementation) making it easier and faster for users to access any information.

• Open Platform and Data Storage, Query and Validation:

These services are found on the Blockchain system. It is operated by an Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) to keep weak data and record complex data sent to the public Blockchain.

• Batch Asynchronous Processing: 

This process is run on the Blockchain system to ensure transparency and security of properties. It is also used to resolve complex issues facing the aut.

Components of system:

  1. Block and automotive industry. The automotive industry is the largest market in the world, and the block industry is the best technology to solve problems. Based on the inherent nature of blockchain technology, AlphaCar will make it impossible to forge or delete all transaction records in the automotive industry.
  2. Large data with IOV. The platform has the ability to connect to large equipment and the ability to process data in real time, which supports personalized rates for car insurance and the implementation of shared use of private cars.
  3. Network effect. The network effect refers to "Law of Metcalfe", offered by Internet pioneer Robert Metcalfe. The law provides that the value of the network is proportional to the square of the number of network members. AlphaCar values will increase exponentially in proportion to the number of community members.

All consumers and companies that will use the platform are faced with various benefits. In addition to dealing with secure services, they can also access the platform for the following things:

• Auto parts : One of the aspects where AlphaCar will start the auto parts. Today, the problem of car sharing is that there is no trust between the two parties. By tracking its own driving behavior and understanding its history, AlphaCar hopes to solve this problem.
• User-based insurance: The car insurances and companies that offer this service have become an important pillar in the insurance industry. Typical for this branch are the high transaction costs and commissions. In addition, the level of your insurance premium is based on aspects that have little to do with driving behavior. Young motorists are therefore the victim of high premiums because they usually do not fall under the conditions of insurance companies.

The offer that is are therefore less suitable for this group of drivers. With the introduction of UBI, AlphaCar hopes to offer data based on individual driving behavior that can help insurance companies determine a suitable premium per individual. The service and price will therefore be determined per person and on the basis of the data, which is based on driving behavior.

The analytical way of the guide is largely based on multimodal, heterogeneous, dynamic and unstructured modeling data separately and together:

  • Dynamic Analysis of Unstructured Data

Since the guidance sources vary, it adds guidance on instrument dimensions and textual data recorded, practical guidance as a whole is unstructured, as well as dynamic in nature. Therefore, we want to use multi-variate time-series items for activities and check each type of data.

  • Multimodal Heterogeneous Data Analysis

We utilize a desktop that is equally antique looking and shiny in figuring out the approach as it is potential for fuse the three important categories of guides brought over. Combining news of unique modalities is always impolite as a consequence of unusual statistics AlphaCar White Paper 10/22 nature and especially nonlinear relationships among the positive aspects of low levels of modalities.

What is an ACAR token? How are they used in CTE AlphaCar?

ACAR tokens are utility tokens distributed in the Ethereum blockchain according to the ERC20 standard. They can be used to pay for various services in CTE AlphaCar. The total amount of ACAR is 10 billion and will never end.

Total Tokens 10,000,000,000
Token Abbreviation ACAR
Tokens in sales 2,100,000,000
Token type ERC20
Payment method ETH
Soft / Hard Cap NVT / 35,000 ETH

These funds help global stakeholders in the automotive industry develop a healthy economy and benefit from it. Car owners will enjoy 24-hour car service and constantly improve, such as insurance based on usage, car exchange, car sales, car finance and auto repair and maintenance. The AlphaCar member's car transaction records will be written to blocks and analyzed using the AI

algorithm with large amounts of open source data. Car service ratings from suppliers will continue to increase along with the best consumer impressions.

This will help qualified service providers to grow rapidly in the economy.

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